Host city: Nations participating: Athletes participating: Events: Opening ceremony: Closing ceremony: Queen's Baton Final Runner: Main Stadium: Motto: New Delhi. India 85 Commonwealth Teams TBA 17 disciplines 3 October 2010 14 October 2010 TBA Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium "COME OUT AND PLAY" 2 .

3 .Theme: Come Out and Play Delhi is inviting every person across all divides Indian and Commonwealth to let go of themselves and participate in the Games to the best of their abilities. in the true sprit of the Games.

‡ Organized every four years.after the summer Olympics games and the Asian games. ‡ The most recent game was in 2006 in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA. they are the third largest multi-sports event in the world .INTRODUCTION ‡ The commonwealth games is the multinational or multi-sports event which features competitions involving thousand of elite athletes from members of the commonwealth of nations. 4 .

‡ The host city is selected from across the common wealth with eighteen cities in seven countries having hosted it. 8/25/2011 5 .which also controls the sporting programmed and select the host cities.Commonwealth Games federation ‡ The games are overseen by the commonwealth games federation(CGF).

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