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HR executive . Subramanian . New Delhi o Interviewee: Mr.Khimji Ramdas .KHIMJI RAMDAS Globally established business conglomerate headquartered in Oman Four strategic groups . Infrastructure.Consumer product division . Lifestyle.Started operation in 2009 o Entered consumer product division by taking role of Carrying and Forwarding agent (C&F) for P&G India o Took over the operations from previous distributor and retained all the employees o Employee Strength:516 people o Head office: Okhla. Projects & Logistics Indian operation .

Organizational Structure Head OfficeOMAN GM Consumer Products Group Procter & GambleKR Group india GM Infrastru cture Group GM Projects & Logistics Group GM Lifestyle Group Sales Logistics Finance Systems IT Business Executive (BE) Assistant Function al Leader (AFL) Sales Training Leader (STL) Account Manager (AM) Sales Executives (SE) -6 Function al Leader (FL) Assistant Function al Leader (AFL) Sales Training Leader (STL) Account Manager (AM) Sales Executives (SE) -6 Function al Leader (FL) Assistant Function al Leader (AFL) Sales Training Leader (STL) Account Manager (AM) Sales Executives (SE) -6 Function al Leader (FL) Assistant Function al Leader (AFL) Sales Training Leader (STL) Account Manager (AM) Sales Executives (SE) -6 Function al Leader Assistant Function al Leader (AFL) Sales Training Leader (STL) Account Manager (AM) Sales Executives (SE) -6 .


RECRUITMENT PROCESS ‡ Number of employees at each level fixed by P&G Laborers and Helpers ² Referrals & Advertisement Sales executive and above levels ² Referrals & Consultants Stages for recruiting an executive    ‡ ‡ ‡ Interview with HR Manager Interview with Operations Manager Meeting with P&G ANALYSIS    Cost Effective Method Culture Fit Narrows talent search .

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Only applicable to executive level and above Adopted a new system to include parameters like self evaluation and manager·s evaluation Bonus hike depends on the appraisal rating system ANALYSIS Transparency to the system Trust and confidence of the employees .

NEW SYSTEM OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Employee Self Evaluation Starts 8 months before the appraisal in July Freezing the targets and self evaluation Manager evaluation at the end of the year Feedback and bonus decided based on that .

COMPENSATION POLICY AT KR Compensation policy of this organization is driven by P&G P&G surveys the market for the similar roles and calculates the median value to set the salary at each designation HR is limited to executing the salary structure provided to them by P&G Laborers are covered under the ESI scheme of the government for their medical insurance .

CONTD. Category of Workers Unskilled Semi Skilled Skilled Non Matriculate Matriculate Graduate Minimum Wages per Day (in Rs) 234 259 285 259 285 310 Minimum Wages per Month (in Rs) 6084 6734 7410 6734 7410 8060 ‡All of these are permanent and the company has no contracted labor ‡For sales executives and above that. company provides medical insurance ‡KR group does not have any union for workers .

REWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS Employee of the month Top 3 sales people meeting the target are awarded a cash prize Analysis  Company·s main focus of rewarding employees in sales division  But there is no such policy of rewards for employees of other divisions .

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT For employees above sale executive level only 3 levels of training known as BELT QUALIFICATION white. green and black Black belt owner become eligible for promotion Training are linked to compensation benefits Some other training in areas of communication and personality development Analysis  Effective measure for employee motivation and retention .

¶Query Management· y Any Query reported has to be documented and closed within 20 days y Functional heads are given great deal of power to deal with it .ISSUES AND GRIEVANCES Doesn·t have a well defined policy Lack of HR employees a hurdle to implement any such policy Currently handled by line managers New initiative by the company .

ISSUES AND GRIEVANCES Despite constraint on HR personnel.ANALYSIS . HR department takes new initiative Makes sure that issues are settled in time Provides a way to do the root cause analysis of the problems coming in the various departments and steps that can be taken to resolve them at the earliest Send·s the right signals to the employees that the company is there to help them and their voices are being heard .

TEAM BUILDING ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ HR co-ordinates and conducts team meeting for its sales force on the first of every month Attended by all the top bosses Whole daylong session It provides employees an opportunity to sit and discuss various challenges Analysis     It will help in fostering effective co-ordination It promotes spirit of team work among the sales personnel It provides employees a good platform to learn and share knowledge Cost effective way of knowledge management for this budget driven organization .


of employees Greater level of autonomy to the HR executives .NUMBER OF HR EXECUTIVE y y y y 2 HR executives for its 500+ employees Level of interaction very low between departments Lesser understanding of employees problems and needs Outcome: Employees running away with cash collected from trade retailers. high attrition rate and wage related issues Recommendations y y y Increase number of HR executives Policy: fix ratio of HR executive for the total no.

limited level of opportunity outside Recommendations y y Career Progression: Sales Executive.ATTRITION RATE y y y Currently attrition is 2.Team LeaderFunctional Head Root Cause Analysis: Employee engagement and development programs. run some pilot studies .5% Executives/Branch Managers : Wide set opportunities available in outer world Senior Executives: Lesser risk takers.

LACK OF EMPOWERMENT HR has not been empowered to take some very critical decisions Salary structure and salary limits is decided by P&G HR is given a fixed budget and structure .

Not given a final word when it comes to matters of the employees Reasons for this could be: y Communication Can Be Time Consuming y Communication is Not Part of Standard Operating Procedures .LACK OF COMMUNICATION Decisions are taken by P&G and the sales and operations team.

RECOMMENDATIONS Identify What Information is really needed-need-toknow not nice-to-know information Conduct Team Building with Department HeadsCould be done with the help of a consultant Reengineer Processes to Include Communication Components.for both functionally and geographically separate departments. .

CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Policies followed here are the ones used in the parent company in Oman Some of the policies are contradictory which need to be cleared Recently started operations in Gujarat Recommendations: y Alter or modify the policies as per the context y HR department should be given more autonomy. .

POLICY COMPANY WANTS CRAZY DESIGNATIONS y Current designations are the standard designations y HR department feels that such designation does not suit the qualification levels and ego of the employees. HR department is in discussion with P&G to get approval for this new initiative y y y . Creating such lofty designation will help in boosting the self image of the employees This might also help in retaining employees Currently.


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