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guitar and bass amplifiers. . effects processors . amplifiers and related electronic equipment. ‡Their product line includes electric and acoustic guitars . ‡ The company was founded in 1996 and is bases in Calabasas . basses.Line 6 ‡Line 6 is a manufacturer of digital modeling guitars. California . USB audio Interfaces and guitar bases wireless systems.

the AxSys 212. Line 6 acquired Xwire which has now broadened its product line to wireless systems for electric guitars and microphones.More about Line 6 Line 6 launched its first product in 1996 the digital guitar amplifier. Early Line 6 products used digital modeling to emulate the signature tone of a guitar amp/speaker combination. however convincing as they may be. . Further development in technology led Line 6 to develop digital tone modeling interfaces that could emulate a plethora of amplifiers. Line 6 s breakthrough product was the POD guitar processor which also modeled tone and also served as a recording instrument. microphones and different instruments. Early in 2008. Its technology laid the foundation for most Line 6 products to follow and now has a large following with active user community which allows for the sharing of patches and device settings. The year 2000 saw Line 6 go through rapid expansion due to the success of their Pod product line which isolated modeling circuitry from the AxSys amplifier. They also increased in manifold quantity the variety of musical gear. Digital modeling aims at replicating the unique characteristics and nuances of musical instruments and to reproduce them through a computer or a electronic system. guitar effects. albeit only as emulations.


‡ It also caters the need of private lessons . .What is G-arena? ‡ It is an online real time media tool which connects people and their instruments on one single platform and enables them to socialize with music & musicians from all over the world. which can be taught online through augmented reality. ‡ It is available to any genre of music & musicians ‡ It diminishes the actual need of a band coming together & jamming. ‡ It uses the internet as a medium for collaboration of different instruments & sounds.



share influences and indulge in musical experimentation ‡ To provide a virtual platform to showcase talent and create a virtual intersection of sorts for these talented individuals to meet ‡ To encourage the marriage of various genres and forms of music in the process of experimentation ‡ To capture the position of being the sole online peer to server ± server to peer service. providing a virtual meeting place for people to make music ‡ To kick start a global music revolution where GARENA will be the orchestrator of musical collaboration leading to big record sales .Business Mission ‡To eliminate the geographical restraints between talented individuals to allow them to make music.

city / town regions Threats ‡ Prey to piracy and intellectual property right infringement ‡ Development of G-ARENA spioneer idea by competitors ‡ The Chinese :D . ‡ Product targeted towards all kinds of Musicians ‡ Eliminates geographical boundaries for musicians ‡ Eliminates the dependence on an actual teacher Opportunities ‡ Globally Scalable Internet based Model. ‡ Inclusion in curricula in school around the world ‡ Platform for budding musicians and other talented individuals to show case their talent ‡ Provides wide berth for musical experimentation.Strengths ‡ New Concept and one of a kind in the market ‡ Low cost and user friendly interface ‡ Globalization of music. Weaknesses ‡ Prey to low internet speed which impedes performance ‡ Predominantly a product only viable in areas with good internet speeds viz.

Business Strategy ‡G-ARENA sbiggest advantage is that it is a pioneer in its concept i. In order to guarantee a fixed number of orders for the full version. Line 6 plans on implementing an pioneer user offer where the first 1000 customers get the full version of G-ARENA. GARENA intends on getting these users to become full time users when the licensed. . full version in the market. with extra features and privileges for free. That way Line 6 can recover its initial costs that were sunk in R&D and marketing activities and reduce the break even period. ‡ In order to capitalise on this advantage. complete version is released in the market.e it is the a brand new concept with no existing competitors. the makers of G-ARENA intend on inducing as many potential users as they can during the beta testing phase. ‡ The next stage entails releasing the licensed. ‡ By creating a large pool of users in the infancy period of the product. ‡ Subsequent stages involve the periodic up gradation and addition of new features to ensure that the product does not stagnate and lose to competitors who will consequently enter the market with a product based on similar lines.

limited features Free. with all features for members $ 5. with added features $ 1.99/month Including membership and add-ons Music stores. Price Place Promotion Focus on studios. Television . music sites eggrooveshark Advertisement on Radio .boutique electronic stores Endorsements. licensed version.99/month & Value Packs available for longer period Distributors . Internet .99/month for the newer added features Internet. Line 6 outlets 2 + Year Product upgrades and new features and add-ons $9. musicians. delivery of the software Collaborate with social network sites.Period Product 0-6 Months Beta testing phase. sponsoring music events. aggressively market. youtube 1 2 Year Full. music forums. downloadable online Internet 6-12 Months Beta testing ongoing.

The features on this version are basic but give the user a good idea of what the full.Implementation Line 6 intends to induce potential customers to first experiment with G-ARENA and then become full time users of it. Since it is a novel product. The phase is intended to last 1 year with two distinct six month regions. which he/she can then start using. fill up his/her details and download G-ARENA. . This will be done in 4 stages : Stage One and Two : The Testing Phase Line 6 s initial step is to launch a shareware version of G-ARENA online. The first six months of G-ARENA will see it being released online free of cost. Like Linux. The second six months will entail the addition of new features which users will have to pay a nominal amount to avail of. it will be free of cost and is supported by all OS s. we will be able to estimate as the how to product has been received by the market. The potential customer has to enter his email id. advertising efforts will be concentrated towards making the customer aware of how novel the concept of G-ARENA is and thus will try and create the desire in the minds of its target customers to purchase it. Based on how many users pay for the add-ons. licensed version will involve.

Users will have to pay the afore mentioned amount of $ 5. internet radio. Promotional efforts will be geared towards to maintaining sales and inducing customers to experience first hand. will sell G-ARENA. Line 6 intends to push the product more aggressively and open more Line 6 stores that along with Line 6 s recording and amplification products . As the product will gain more ground in the market. In the post release phase. G-ARENA will become a full.Stage Three and Four : The Release and Post Release Phase After a year of being a beta tested product. . Line 6 outlets will begin to stock G-ARENA packs where users who have used the beta testing version can go out and buy the full licensed version. This will be done by opening Experience Booths at techno fairs/ music instruments expos such as NAMM where users can experience first hand the novel concept of G-ARENA.99/month and constantly upgrade to have the latest version of G-ARENA. G-ARENA will have additional features which registered users can then buy for $9. licensed product. Promotional activities for G-ARENA will be carried out via the internet.99/month to retain their membership and make use of the features of G-ARENA.

the future of G-ARENA lies in collaborating with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter where every G-ARENA user will automatically have his Facebook or Twitter linked to his G-ARENA account so after every G-ARENA session the user can comment or rate the quality of his jam session and communicate with fellow G-ARENA users. For Line 6. G-ARENA integrated Mass MultiPlayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) where an user has to create a virtual identity and the user will have to earn experience points & levels based on his jams with other musicians. Future plans also include implement a real time.The Future of G-ARENA Line 6 has an excellent after sales support system in place and every G-ARENA user will be provided with a secure account with a unique identity number so as to ensure that any queries or problem when addressed to the G-ARENA helpline will resolved speedily as his usage history will immediately show and help the sales team member to assist the user better in solving his problem. .

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