Introduction of Homeopathy

BY Swathi

In the last decade of 17th century.......
Master Hahnemann (1755 ± 1843), the gem of German medical profession found the above were instead of curing they were either palliating or suppressing or causing some artificial, drug - induced diseases in the individuals and the cases were becoming more and more complicated.

In homeopathy,

medicines whose symptoms were found to be similar to the symptoms of the patient were administered. Hahnemann observed that in nature no such similar states ever existed together and a weaker one was always extinguished by the stronger. Of the above-mentioned methods, Hahnemann adjudged the Law of Similars to be the Therapeutic Law of Nature for curing diseases

Popular examples 
Allium cepa

(onion) cures cold, sneezing and watery eyes and nose as onion produces similar symptoms.  Urtica urens cures a burning, itchy skin ± as nettle stings produce similar skin lesions  Poison removes the effects of poison  Heat removes the effects of heat

Basis of Treatment 

works on symptom similarity  One remedy acts on several ailments  Homoeopathy aims at the whole patient (holistic) not at the name of disease.  Medicinal substances are first proved on healthy persons to get pure effects of medicines.  Minimum dose is prescribed to treat the sickness hence it¶s harmless.

Basis of Treatment 
Patient is

thoroughly examined including his mental, physical constitutions and peculiar characteristics for evaluation.

Health & Disease.. 
If man

is in ease or in comfort position he is considered as healthy. is in struggle from suffering or discomfort or unease or in disease condition called sick. science deals to set the disease condition to healthy state by evaluation and remedial measures. 

If man 


Treatment Concept 

is nothing but alteration in the state of health.  To bring back the state of health another suffering has to be added. (Treat the suffering by another suffering).  Disease (internal) + Disease (external or internal) may cure, or worsen.

Homoeopathy 4 all 
Safe  Based

on therapeutic law of nature  Based on Single, Simple, Similimum  Affordable  Patient oriented

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