an organism that has both artificial and natural systems ) .e..Cyborg = cybernetic organism (i.

Cybernetics is the study of examining the design and function of any system that have goals The term cybernetics stems from the Greek kubernetis meaning "Steersman Cybernetic models are widely used in determining the proper relationship between a man and a machine .

y A cyborg can be defined as the human being who is technologically complemented by external or internal devices .

y A robot is an automated machine while a cyborg is a combination of an organism with a machine y Robots aren t alive while cyborgs are. . y Robots can be simple or very complex while cyborgs are typically very complex.

y The biological elements are typically rat neurons connected to a computer chip .y Hybrot = hybrid robot y A cybernetic organism in the form of a robot controlled by a computer consisting of both electronic and biological elements.


That is living being with a mechanical body part which is replaced for the damaged or lost body part.y At present Cyborgology concentrates on the development of Conditional cyborgs. Among them CLEG has prime importance. These external mechanical parts works by the stimulations received generated from our neural system . it has functioning similar to our leg.

Diseases could be analyzed and cured in terms of neural impulse signals. In a similar y y y y way artificial limbs to people suffering from paralysis.y Giving artificial sight to blind people. Would be implemented in almost all fields where human interaction is needed. To establish intercommunication between two or more people without using speech. Human beings with extra senses .

y A tremendous violation of human privacy. y Once implanted with bio-implant electronic devices . recharge. Cyborgs might become highly dependent upon the creators of these devices for their repair. and maintenance. thus placing them under the absolute control of designers of technology. y This technology originate from people who foresee tremendous possible risks towards human health .

Enhanced cyborg: follows principle of optimal performance i.e.In Medicine y Restorative technologies: restore lost function. maximizing output and minimizing input y . and limbs . organs.

In military ‡ Cyborg soldiers ‡ Soldier integrate with weapons & equipment ‡ Cyborg animals ‡ Neural implant to remotely control the movement of animals .

y The use of Cyborg technology will convert humans into Super Humans with powers never possessed by humans before. legs. hearts. we may have more and more artificial body parts arms. in the future. eyes and so on till one might end up finally as a brain in a wholly artificial body. y In the years ahead we will witness machines with an intelligence more powerful than that of humans .y The idea is that. y http://www.y y Infokairali computer magazine y http://www.

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