Total Productive Maintenance (TPM


In 1971. . The goal of TPM is to keep the current plant and equipment at its highest productive level by increasing the employee morale and job satisfaction. The first task of TPM is to breakdown the barriers between maintenance and production personnel to work together in order to achieve the desired productivity. the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) defined TPM as a system of maintenance program covering the entire life of the equipment in every division of the organisation including planning. manufacturing and maintenance.

Preventive and Predictive maintenance are the basic technique used in TPM environment. Preventive maintenance is the process of periodically performing activities before the failure arises or prior to equipments fails to function. Predictive maintenance is the process of predicting the equipment failure using the data in order to use the equipment to the limit of its service life. The activities are overhauling of equipment. It is a safety measure used to minimize the unanticipated breakdowns in production. lubrication on the equipment etc. ..

The overall objective of TPM are. Maintaining and improving equipment effectiveness by identifying the losses like downtime losses.The objective of TPM is to create a system in which all the maintenance should be planned well in advance without interfering the productions. losses due to sudden failure and defect losses. Productive=Production of goods and services that meet the customer requirements Maintenance= Keeping the plant and equipment in good condition at all time. 1. The real analyses of the three words TPM are: Total= All encompassing by maintenance and production personnel working together. .

Giving training to employees for preventing failures and increasing the life of the equipment. Improving safety. zero breakdown and zero accidents in all functional area of organisation.Reducing the manufacturing cost increasing the productivity and overall plant efficiency. 4. 5. 6. health and environmental factors in order to achieve better quality and higher profits.Increasing production while improving employee moral and job satisfaction.Achieving zero defects.2.Producing goods without reducing product quality 7. 3. .

1. TPM is a continuous improvement philosophy concerned with rethinking business processes to achieve good quality. .Area of needed improvement should be indetified.Concept of TPM: TPM is the extension of the TQM philosophy to the maintenance function.Management should learn new philosophy of TPM 2. 4. and maximum productivity.Training should be funded and developed for everyone in the organisation.Management should promote new philosophy of TPM 3. zero defects. The various steps involved developing TPM are. Everyone in the organisation should understand about zero breakdowns.

Autonomous work groups should be established.Promotional goals should be formulated 6. .An implementation plan should be developed. 7.5.

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