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y What is a Product ? y Public Policy Issue y Public Pressure: A Cycle Of Concerns y Business Attitudes toward Product Issues!!! y The Battle : New Products Manager y Public Policy : Problem Areas!!! y Underlying Issues!!!! y Finding Solutions!!! y Conclusion !!!

. In manufacturing. products are the formal definition of the project deliverables that make up or contribute to delivering the objectives of the project. a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. products are called merchandise. In marketing.y It is defined as a "thing produced by labor or y y y y effort"or the "result of an act or a process . products are purchased as raw materials and sold as finished goods. In project management. In retailing.

‡ PUBLIC POLICY:- ± The interest of the community. it will make it an illegal contract . ± If any contract or deal contrary to public policy.

Political Arena Defused by those attacked iv. Stirring State of idleness ii.i. Trial Support iii. Regulatory Adjustment .

The Political Arena: Issue acquired a political base 4. and this imprecision leads to a period of jockeying (taking advantage) by the adversaries over its interpretation. an issue increase. a champion may decide to take it on as a cause. Trial Support: As the stirring over. 3. Regulatory Adjustment: New regulatory legislation is rarely precise . . 2.Stirring: Individuals begin to sound off long before enough people have been injured or irritated to cause a general reaction. 1.

that is dealing in areas of temporary uncertainty and change y New product causing unexpected concern on Public Policy is result of careless management.y Business firms deal with public policy issues on a much broader base than just new products y Reached a structure of beliefs on interface between business and society y Our concerns at the margin. .

injured customers Regulators at all levels Legislators in states/provinces Service to Federal legislators Customers Critics within the firm And Public New products manager .Individuals cause leaders. trial lawyers.

.y Product Liability. y Personal Ethics. y Environmental Needs. y Worthy Products. y Monopoly. y Morality.

plus punitive damages as well  Product liability applied both to goods as well as services y Typology Of Injury Sources  Inherent risks  Design defects  Dangerous Condition. the accused party is liable for the cost and the pain of the injury. .  Safety Device  Inadequate Materials  Defects in manufacture  Inadequate instructions for use or warnings against particular uses  After use Dangers. Person buys a product and gets injured  If guilty.

‡Truthful ‡Normal puffery ‡Buyer Should Know . ‡Normal Puffery (Praise) ‡Defective product ‡Reasonably Foreseeable ‡Untrue Claim ‡Misrepresentation Defense ‡Not Negligence ‡Not Defective Product ‡Buyer Knew So assumed Risk . ‡Unforeseeable misuse. ‡Not Actually Stated. ‡Product Not Defective.Legal Bases Negligence By Law Warranty A Promise Strict Liability Court Decisions Misrepresentation By Law Source Condition ‡Defective product ‡Failure to warn ‡Defective Product ‡Implied Warranty ‡Express Warranty ‡Not implied by Common Usage.

Areil Ultra Detergent .New products environment hazards:If its raw materials are scarce or hard to get If its design or manufacture causes pollution or excess usage If its use cause pollution If any disposal problem cannot be handled by recycling Managerial Dilemma:Problems of reconciling trade offs Between costs and efficiency in the firm Between price and environmental benefits to society.P&G. Social costs and social benefits are difficult to be measured Example:.

Strategic planning Concept generation Pre Technical screening Technical development Marketing development launch .

y Example :y AIDS medicine because of less potential cutomer .y It is producing the products that have worth of their money for a particular segment.

y Example:y I.y It is careful positioning of the product in line with the benefits and prosperity of society.Pill Contraceptive Pill. .

y Example:y Apple And Luxpro MP3 manufacturers . .y It is obtaining market dominance and pressurizing the customer for purchase or removal of alternatives from the market.Apple filed a case against Luxpro.

y Taking Decisions at Individual Level rather than at Manger Level. y May or may not be based on Business management. . Lying to Customer for sale purpose. y Example:y y y y Copying and declaring Innovation. Hiding Information from Distributors And Dealers. Misleading Names and Labels.

DDT Insecticide.y Reasonable Goal For Action. y Zero Defect Quality Control. y Trade Off Problem y Example :. y Who Should Pay ? . y Cost Perspective:y No system can make products perfectly . y Risk Free Existence (Not Possible). y No consumer group will use product with full wisdom.

y Strategy And Policy :y Involvement of Top management. . BL-5C Battery replacements. y Example:.NOKIA.TATA Nano Project in WB y Control Systems:y y y y y Tough Standards Rigorous Auditing Good Record Keeping Training Of New Product Employee Example : .

y Example:. office Sitting Chair y Marketing :y Labeling And Adequate Warning.Godrej.Pidilite. y Cautious Distribution Channel. y Example :.y Product Testing : y Understanding Customer Usage y Matching the product in terms of usage pattern. Terminator Wood Preservative .

Women s Horlicks y Education:y Company Personnel y Consumers y Example:. Right Target Customer.HUL .GSK. . Distributors Understanding. Colgate Tooth Paste. Example:.y Market Testing :y y y y Market Tests combining product and promotion.

.P&G .y External Affairs:y Accepting Legislature y Public Affair Programs y Consumer Participation y Example:. Duncan Hines fantastic Party Cakes.

y Every Public policy Issue don t have an answer. y Only solution which will be always fruitful is Prevention Is Better Than Cure .y Public Policy Issues are complex and are always present .

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