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To Analyze contact stresses, bending stresses, and the transmission errors of gears in mesh.
contact stresses can be derived from Hertzs equations, which were derived for contact between two cylinders. The stiffness relationship between the two contact areas to be derived.

The stiffness variations in gear body due to

bending deflection, shearing displacement and contact deformation.

These stresses to be found experimentally and to be compared with the theoretical values.

Some Basis
Bending and contact stresses may not attain their maximum values at the same point of contact. However, combined action of both leads to failure of gear tooth like
fracture at root surface failure, like pitting flaking due to contact stress

y To develop appropriate models tocalculate contact stresses using ANSYS and compare results provided by Hertzian theory. y Generate 3D model and 2D model to predict the effect of gear bending and compare results with results generated by the Lewis equation.

To determine transmission errors in mesh. To conduct dynamic analysis to estimate load and stress on gear tooth. To examine the spur gear contact and bending stresses using two dimensional FEM

Litrarture review
Major problem concern
Strss analysis Transmission error Prediction of dynamic load

 Classifing gear problem by the following groups:

Model with tooth complience. Model of gear system dynamic Optimal design of the gear sets

Geat mesh stiffness and the contact ratio are affected

tranmitted loads load sharing , gear tooth error Tooth deflection and position of contact points

Contact problem
Region in contact is difficult to calculate. Load and boundry condition at contact is difficult to predict. Friction affect by multifield
Temperature Lubrication Surface finish Fluid flow

Solution to contact problem

Types of contact analysis
Regid to flexible bodies in contact. Flexible to flexible bodies in contact.- gear mesh. Surface to surface contact model is applied to solve contact problem.

Method of contact compatibility:

Penality method- deals with suface penatration. Combined normal contact stiffness depends on penalty parameter. Kn=fEh. KnfEhnormal contact stiffness. penalty factor young modulus contact length.

Contact Stress
From hertz equation The contact between two cylinders can be obtained. An ellipsoidal-prism pressure distribution is generated between the two contact areas. Relationship between F and contact pressure can be obtained. Contact width can be calculated.

Maximum contact stress P max is calculated. Maximum surface stress is calculated.

the equivalent stress using

Von Mises criterion, maximum shear stress, maximum orthogonal shear stress can be calculated from the maximum Hertz stress

Model analysis
A two-dimensional and an asymmetric contact model is built profile of the pinion and gear are calculated to plot a profile The equations of a curve below were taken from Buckingham equation

Planning for Phase II

The estimation of the tooth contact stress using a 2D contact stress model using ANSYS software. By 2D and 3D FEA modeling the estimation of root bending stresses to be done. From the results of analytical method the FEM solutions are to be validated.