WHOOZIT: To do or not to do

Christian Wihananto | Hassan Meralli

BUSINESS LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS Threat of new entrants Threat of substitute products Rivalry Bargaining Power of Customer Bargaining power of supplier .

Porters· Five Forces Analysis ` ` ` ` Cust ` ers· argai i g er er ucts Hig M Hig erately l Suppliers· argai i g ` reat f Substitute r reat f e e tra ts ` ` ` Hig Hig Rivalry ` .

SWOT Analysis Stre gt Weak ess Opportunity reat .

SWOT Analysis ` Strengt ` ` ` ` ` Flexible Relatively low start up cost Strong contacts wit industry players Experience gained wit previous ga ing business Hig circulation figures of TV guide ` Weakness ` ` Low capital capacity Low brand value .

SWOT Analysis ` Opportunity ` ` e popularity of rivia products e uge popularity of t e ga ing industry in t e arket ` ` ` ` reat e quickness of t e arket to saturate Huge number of rivia games in t e market opularity of games is fast to fade .

00 . Retails $6. Retail $10 Extension add-ons $3.MARKETING STRATEGY OF WHOOZIT ` PRODUCT ` ` Photographed-based game 2 editions: ` ` With board Playable on other platforms ` Products extension-editions and add-ons ` PRICE ` ` ` Wholesale Price (With board) $7.00.50. Retail $15 Wholesale Price (Without board) $5.

MARKETING STRATEGY OF WHOOZIT ` PROMOTION ` ` ` Preferential prices for minimum orders Samples Organize WHOOZIT events ` PLACE ` ` ` ` Mass Distributors Retailers Specialty stores Educational institution .

WHOOZIT Business Model ‡Sam Kaplan ‡Bettman Archive ‡Heller Factoring ‡Swiss Colony ‡Sales representatives ‡Sourcing for different themes to make the game more fun than intellectual ‡Cater to a wider age group ‡Fun. educational entertainment for everyone ‡Creating an easy-toplay games that is affordable and enjoyable ‡Alleviate customer·s worry that the product is just a fad ‡Generous credit terms ‡Preferential price treatments ‡Timely delivery ‡High quality products ‡Families ‡Fun loving youths ‡Elementary schools ‡Efficient and loyal sales representatives ‡Strong relationships with suppliers ‡Mass Distributors ‡Huge Retailers ‡Specialty stores ‡Royalty ‡Invention and themes ‡Advertising ‡Production ‡Volume-based payments for partners ‡Mainstream market ‡Educational institution .

Trivia game Cost of TV Game sales commision bad debt cost Royalty Designing and launching COGS 0 500000 1000000 1500000 2000000 .

000.592.00 -$29.750.WHOOZIT Profit Projection REVENUE COGS GROSS PROFIT $4.000.00 $1.800.00 RELATED PARTY TRANSACTION HELLER FACTORING SWISS COLONY ROYALTY ORIGINAL ADD-ONS $308.00 $2.950.871.857.000.50 .00 -$388.550.000.50 -150.450.500.000 NET PROFIT $1.000.00 $79.00 OPERATING COST ADMIN COST MARKETING COST -$10.00 -$500.

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