Orthopaedic terminologies



Displaced Undisplaced Closed (Simple) Open (Compound) Traumatic


Pathological Comminuted Segmental Complicated Avulsion



Fractures       Burst Chip Compression Stress (Fatigue) Greenstick Impacted .

Fractures with eponyms .

Fractures with eponyms      Barton¶s Chauffer¶s Colles Galleazzi Monteggia .

Fractures with eponyms      Night ± stick Smith¶s Bennett¶s Boxer¶s Mallet .

Bennet¶s fracture .

Rolando¶s fracture .

Fractures with eponyms      Rolando Hangman¶s Malgaigne¶s Bumper Cotton¶s .

Fractures with eponyms  Pott¶s March Aviators Jone¶s    .

Dislocations .

Recurrent .Traumatic .Pathological .Habitual .Dislocations Dislocation Subluxation   Congenital Acquired .

Signs and Tests .

Signs and Tests      Apley¶s grinding test Apprehension test Barlow¶s test Blue sclera Bryant¶s test .

Signs and Tests     Callaway¶s test Chovstek¶s test Claw hand Cozen¶s test .

Signs and Tests  Drawer test .Posterior Finkelstein¶s test Foot drop Froment¶s sign Gaenslen¶s test     .Anterior .

Signs and Tests      Galleazzi sign Gower¶s sign Hamilton ± ruler test Kanavel¶s sign Lasegue¶s test .

Signs and Tests    Lachmann test McMurray¶s test Ober¶s test .

Signs and Tests      O¶Donoghue triad Ortolani¶s test Pivot ± shift test Policeman Sulcus sign .

Signs and Tests       Thomas test Trendelenburg¶s test Tinel¶s sign Volkmann¶s sign Wrist drop Runner¶s knee .

Some Orthopaedic terms .

Some Orthopaedic terms      Osteotomy Osteoclasis Osteosynthesis Osteogenesis Arthrolysis .

Some Orthopaedic terms      Arthrodesis Arthroplasty Arthrocentesis Arthroscopy Arthrotomy .

Some Orthopaedic terms      Arthrography Laminotomy Hemilaminectomy Laminectomy Fenestration .

Some Orthopaedic terms      Neurolysis Neurectomy Neurorraphy Tenotomy Tenodesis .

Some Orthopaedic terms      Tenolysis Tendon transfers Closed reduction Open reduction Epiphysiodesis .

Gaits .

Gaits      Antalgic gait Trendelenburg gait Stiff hip gait Duck wadding gait Scissoring gait .

Gaits  High stepping gait Circumduction gait Charlie ± Chaplin gait Sailors gait    .

Miscellaneous .

Miscellaneous      Osteoarthritis Osteophyte Non ± union Delayed ± union Mal ± union .

Miscellaneous  Valgus deformity Varus deformity Bone grafting Pseudoarthrosis    .

Miscellaneous  Image ± intensifier Spica Plate Nail    .

.Primary investigations Most common and the most useful investigation in orthopaedics is  X rays   Usually an AP and lateral views.

CT scan The bone contour is out  Lined very clearly  Presently three dimentional CT scan is available  .



MRI The is most useful in spine examination  Shows the spinal cord clearly  Soft tissue abnormalities  .


Bone scan  Mainly in infections and metastasis .

Bone marrow density  osteoporosis .

Serum calcium  Serum phosphorus  Serum Alkaline phosphatase  Urinary calcium  .

Non operative management .

Closed reduction technique .

Nonoperative management of tibial fracture .

POP application .

POP appli catio n .

POP application .

POP application .

‡Traction skin traction ]skeletal traction .

Skeletal traction .

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