However. Raja.456 billion in black money at Swiss banks. the extent to which the Indian public sector employees and politicians have taken corruption to is drastic.Corruption in India is not a secret from anyone. was the 2 G scam 2 . with Indians hoarding $1. Telecom Minister A. The damage caused by corruption to the Indian state exchequer is immense. as it is prevalent from private to the public sector and almost everyone in the system is part of the misdoings.

2G networks saw their first commercial light of day on the GSM standard. While its predecessor. 2 G scam 3 1G. made use of analog radio . Fully digital 2G networks replaced analog 1G.What is 2G? In the world of cell phones. which originated in the 1980s. 2G refers to second generation wireless telecommunication technology. 2G signifies second-generation wireless digital technology. GSM stands for global system for mobile communications.

What is 2G spectrum scam ? 2G licenses issued to private telecom players at throwaway prices in 2008 CAG: Spectrum scam has cost the government Rs. 1.76 lakh crore CAG: Rules and procedures flouted while issuing licenses As many as 122 circle-wise licences were issued. 2 G scam 4 .

Loop Mobile Reliance and Tata communication.Corporate Companies Involved: Unitech Group Telenor Videocon. Swan Telecom and S Tel 2 G scam 5 .

NO PROCEDURES FOLLOWED Rules changed after the game had begun Cut-off date for applications advanced by a week Licenses 2 G scam issued on a first-come-first6 . Mobile subscriber base had shot up to 350 million in 2008 from 4 million in 2001.WHAT ARE THE CHARGES ON FORMER TELECOM MINISTER A RAJA? CHEAP TELECOM LICENSES Entry fee for spectrum licenses in 2008 pegged at 2001 prices.

4200 crore. 6200 crore. 1661 crore. 10.772 crore for 2G licences. Swan Telecom given license even though it did not meet eligibility criteria.FAVOURITISM. Swan Telecom got licenses without any prior telecom experience. sold 60% stake for Rs. Swan got license for Rs. 1537 crore. sold 45% stake to Etisalat for Rs. All nine companies paid DoT only Rs. 2 G scam 7 . CORPORATES ENCASH PREMIUM Unitech. Unitech Wireless got license for Rs.

7% stake in Swan . BSNL. a telecom operator cannot own more than 10% stake in 2 G scam 8 another telecom company operating in the . Reliance. Idea. Aircel.".and according to the rules. Vodafone.Who All Benefited from This Scam ? 2G spectrum was allocated beyond contracted quantity to 9 firms including Bharti.   The charges in the CAG report are that Swan should not have been considered for a license because Reliance Communications held 10. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) circumvented the rules to help Swan Telecom. which effectively acted as a front for Reliance Telecommunications.

the Opposition says it won't let the House get to work till a JPC is announced.  The Opposition wants a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to investigate the 2G scam.She is a corporate lobbynist for big corporate leaders like TATA group. Reliance Industries Getc 2 scam 9 . Parliament has not functioned at all this winter session . Niira Radia also seem to be involved in big way to 2G spectrum scam.The political crisis after the scam The stand-off between the government and the Opposition over 2G scam continues.

conversations with politicians and corporate entities were scam 10 recorded by2 Gthe government authorities. Niira Radia is a well established corporate lobbyist who also runs public relations firm named Vaishnavi Communications ( estd in 2001 ). Nira Radia’s. .About Niira Radia Born in Kenya and educated in London. politicians and even media .Corporate lobbyist means a person used to arrange favours from others among big industrialists.

Both A.Raja. and Siddharth Behura.K Chandolia are heard in conversation with Niira Radia in the released Radia tapes. 2 G scam 11 .K. the former Telecom Secretary. Chandolia. Raja's personal aide.Raja and R. the CBI arrested former Telecommunications Union Minister A. 2011.Arrests and Chargesheets On February 2. The CBI also arrested R.

2 G scam 12 .Recent news : 2G scam: Radia names Sharad Pawar before CBI Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar's links with 2G spectrum allocation scam was just a loud whisper till now. Now it has become part of a statement in the court. Corporate lobbyist Nira Radia has alleged that Pawar and his family are the real faces behind the DB Group and Swan Telecom.

2 G scam 13 .

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