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Assigned by : Dr.S.K.

GUPTA Presented by : Asha Bisht

We cannot do todays job with yesterdays methods and be in business tomorrow

--- Nelson Jackson

A Group of Donkeys lead by a lion can defeat a group of lions lead by a donkey ---Socrates

To achieve and exceed the Assigned objective by ensuring that each and every member of the team achieves and / or surpasses his / her respective objective.

the capability to get people of ordinary ability to perform in an extraordinary manner!


The process by which a manager anticipates the future and discovers alternative course of action open to him.

The process by which the structure and allocation of jobs are determines.


Leading is influencing people so that they will contribute to organizational and group goals; it has to predominantly with the interpersonal aspect of managing. Leadership implies followership and people tend to follow those who offer means of satisfying their own needs, wishes and desires, it is under stable that leading involves motivation, leadership styles and approaches, and communication.

The process that measures current performance and guide it towards some predetermined goal.

Some authorities consider coordination to be a separate function of the manager .It seems more accurate , however, to regard it as the essence of managership ,for achieving harmony among individual efforts toward the accomplishment of group goals . Each of the managerial functions is an exercise contribute to coordination.



Works with others Develops people/customers Like a coach and a counsel; Pitches in as player when needed. Is the Leader/Manager according to the condition Responsibility : Various

Works alone Does the work Like a player in the team Is lead and Managed Responsibility: Single

Ensuring achievement of assigned Teams and individual team members objectives Decision Making Ensuring his objectives achievement covering up deficit of anyone in his team. Focus on Brands / New Products Distribution Channel Management Timely Reporting and Feedback Developing Team Members Market Development Market Intelligence Strong Customer Focus Planning, Monitoring & Controlling Appraising &Reviewing Necessary course corrections

Analytical Skills
Technical Skills Communication Skills Selling Skills Planning Skills Reviewing Skills Managerial Skills Interpersonal relationship skills Negotiating Skills Administrative Skills Interviewing Skills Counseling Skills Forecasting Skills Leadership Skills

Targets Field Work inputs Implementation of strategies Implementation of learning Knowledge Team Performance Development of Subordinates Market Development Reporting Discipline Distribution Management Maintenance and analysis of Data Self Development

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Team Leader Decision maker Coach Role model Problem solver Strategist Knowledge Resource Communicator Mediator Counselor Motivator Negotiator Positive Thinker Hard Worker Honest Listener Observer Fair Achiever

always succeed in getting more output and better results from his team members and they will deliver this willingly!

Ineffective Manager Appeaser Bully Caddy Despondent Excavator Favoritism Gutter Inspector Hindsight

Effective Manager Advisor Benefactor Cheer Leader Decisive Example Setter Fair Generous Honest

Insecure Jealous Know-all Loner Manipulator Nag Opinionated Pillion Rider Quashes new ideas

Innovator Judicious Knowledge Resource Leader Motivator Negotiator Open minded Perseverant Quality Conscious

Reactive Subjective Trumpet Blower Unfair Vengeful Whiner Xcuse Master Yesterdays hero Zombie

Receptive Strategist Transparent Understanding Vibrant Winners Mind Set Xperimenter Youthful Zestful