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QURAYSH Abd-i-Manaf


Abdul-sh Shams


Umayyad Caliphs


Abu-Talib Ali





Initial Steps

Hazart Ali in Prophets bed

The Mirscle of the cave

Companion Hazarat Abu Bakar Abdullah Bin UreeQat

Saraaqa Bin Malik Mission

Amir Bin Fahira(Peace Notes)

Islamic state in Madina emerged needing:

Administrative structure,laws,justice,family laws. Aggressive efforts at Dawah and attack on the false

ideologies. Settlement of the migrants in Madina with their financial support but also their Islamic education and moral training. Prepare for Jihad and armed resistance against the enemies of Islam.

Enterence of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) Palce of Qubaa Mosque of Qubaa Building of Prophet Mosque Muslims Brother Hoodness

Mohammad Friendness to Jewz (Misaaqa Medina) Prophet Marrige to Hazarat Ayesh To make houses for UMHAATUL-Mumneen Khana kaba Kiblaa Massege to Abullah Bin Ubi Attack on Madina Kazar Bin Jaabir Abdullah Bin Habish Attack

Quraish against islam

Why they attack on Medina A big trade caravan of pagans was en route from Syria

to Mecca. Abu Sufyan sent a man to Mecca to get help He announced in Mecca that Muslims attacked the caravan. Most of the pagan leaders prepared for fight 1000 men strong army prepared to march to Madina.

Battle of Badar Prophets(SAW) concerns

Decisive battle with impact on future
Muhajireen came with no assets Ansaars had no experience of battle.

Tribes of Jews had hidden animosity

Muslims resources and numbers were

disproportionately less than pagans.

Battle of Badar Comparison of forces

.313 men .3 horses

.70 camels
.60 shields

Pagans . 1000 men including 100 leaders .Several horses, camels, swords and shields.

Prophets dua before the battle.

Difficult test for muhajiroon, stood against their family

members. Pagans were defeated.70 of their men killed including leaders.70 became POWs. Pagans left lot of valuables behind.

Reasons 1-Defeat of pagans in Badar alarmed tribes 2-Pagans of Meccah wanted revenge. 3- Jews of Madina encouraged pagans to fight Pagans advance to Madina in Shawwal,3 Hijra with 3000 men. Prophet consulted the sahaba. Prophet gathered army of 1000 people.Hypocrites withdrew 300 men. Enthusiasm of youth. Story of Rafe and Samra.

Prophet placed his army in front of uhad mountain.

He appointed 50 archers led by Abdullah bin Jubair to

guard corridor in the mountain. Women in the pagan army sang and beat the drums to encourage their fighters. In the beginning, Muslims defeated the pagan army. Then they started gathering bounties.

Most of the archers at the Uhad coridoor left to get

bounties except few. Khalid bin Walid, leader of one of pagans fighting group attacked from the poorly guarded Uhad coridoor. Muslims were now attacked from back and front. Muslim army was dispersed and many were on the run. Rumor was spread that the Prophet was killed.

Many lost their will to fight when got the rumor

Prophet was guarded by few sahaba.

He was moved up to the mountain. When Muslims heard about Prophets safety, they

gathered again and fought. Pagans at that time left the battlefield. Latter, they thought of returning but did not. Prophet even chased them till Hamra ul Asad.

Battle of Uhad Comments in Ale Imran:122-144

Dependence on the Help of Allah.
Love of material wealth was one reason for initial

defeat. Allah forbade Riba. Guaranty of success if you are believers. Islamic movement does not depend on personalities. Fear of death is the root cause of cowardice.There is appointed time of death

Introduction to battle of Ahzab:This is the war of joining forces of the Mushrekin-e-Makkah. This is the war for to destroy the muslim force and madina Their is the one group of mushrekin in madina which is

(BANU KUREZA) and they were in the muyeada were bound to remain away from other group of mushrekin which is (BANU NASEER).

Happening of battle of badar:After some days the sardars of banu naseer with great effort joined them new relation.And they

made the big army by joining the groups to attack on a small town.that was not ever join since ever before. and the people who are droped and jillah watan from the madina are alsojoined by these groups of mushrekins in which they have now 12thousand soldiers Prophet saws was heard this situation and he new this situation very well so he Prophet consulted sahaba.Salman Farsi suggested to dig a ditch on open part of city.where the mushrekins can attack easily at east and westand so they dig the ditch and they were closed in this area.

the warriors of mushrekins were not so prepared and they donot knew that they have to face the security of muslims the ditch so they cannot passed easily through this toubleso they stay at this place near the ditch of dig and they mushrekins have full attack the muslim. Surronds area now they started to do the (teer andazi) but they failed so thepeople who try to pass the dig of the ditch were killed after crossing the ditch by umero and Hazrat ALI (R.A). then mushrekins return back to their stay and banu naseer hasagree the banu fareeza to for the war hardly. and they said that they and muslims have not agreement ever before and the naeem man of the mushrekin who accept the islam came to muhammad and said that he can turn the mushrekins brother hood into the war by he go back to these groups and suggest them what they can do.

this is truly happened and quarrel continued in the banu fareeza and banu kareezathe stay of the mushrikins surronds the madina for to attack is greater than the 25 daysthe weather in these days are cold and the hard storm come at that night and the people of muhrekins have lost their animals , camps and the important things were lost by this storm so they cannot see anything clearly so they left the battle and when the muslims get up from the sleep in morning they saw that mushrekins has left the surround of madina.

Zeqad, 6 H, Prophet announced intention to visit

Kaaba.1400 Muslims joined him. Prophet sent someone to find pagans plan. Pagans started gathering forces. Prophet continued travel and stopped at Hudabeya. Prophet sent Osman to negotiate. News came that Osman has been killed. Bait Ridwan.Prophet gathered Muslims under a tree and took a pledge that we shall fight till we die or win. Peace Treaty. Pagan released Osman and sent Suhail bin Amar for peace talks. A peace treaty was concluded and written.

Muslims shall go back this year.

They shall return next year and stay for 3days

They shall not have any weapons except one sword in

the shield. They cant take Muslims left in Mecca and shall not stop any Muslim from coming back to Meccah. If someone goes to Madina, he shall be returned but if someone returns to Mecca, shall not be returned.
Tribes shall have the choice to enter into treaty with Muslims or

pagans. This treaty shall be in effect for 10 years

o Violation of Hudabeya Treaty by pagans.

o Preparation to invade Mecca.10 Ramadan,8H.

o Abu Sufyan is arrested and released. o Entry in Mecca.(Minimal fighting.)

o Peace declaration in Mecca.

o Entry in Kaaba.Removal of idols and pictures. o Victory address by the Prophet. o General amnesty.

Hawazan and Saqeef tribes prepared for war

Prophet took 12000 men and weapons to fight in Hunain

(between Mecca and Taif) Some Muslims said who could defeat us. Initially, Muslims faced severe arrow attack Latter, they gathered around the Prophet and fought well defeating the enemy. Surah Tauba, 9:25,26.

Conflict with Roman empire already started in battle of

Mota (Jamadi ula, 8 H).Sharjeel the ruler of Basra brought army of 100,000 which fought against 3000 Muslims. Farwa bin Amar Jizami, a Roman commander became Muslim.Latter, he was killed by the emperor. Many tribes under Roman rule accepted Islam.

Cesar prepared to gather his forces on Syrian border to

punish Muslims. Prophet decided to go forward and stop this build up. Sacrifices of Muslims and excuses by hypocrites. Prophet left Madina with 30,000 army Cesar ordered his forces to retreat.

Steps taken after Tabuk.

Dealings with hypocrites.
Demolition of Masjid Zirar Not to accept their donations

No family or friendly relations with them.

Prophet should not attend their funeral. Disciplinary action against 3 sahabas. Clear political policy of the State.(Haj,9 H)

All methods of Jahileya are under my feet.

No Arab has superiority over non Arab.You are children

of Adam and he was created from clay. All muslims are brothers. Feed and clothe your slaves same what you eat or wear. Killings and Riba of Jahileya are cancelled.

Fear Allah in the matter of women.

Your blood and your money is forbidden for each other.

If you hold fast to the book of Allah, you will not be

misguided. He asked,Have I passed to you Allahs message? Everyone answered,Yes. He said,Now, you must pass on this message to those who are not here.

Safar,18, 11 H, he became sick.

He appointed Abu Bakr to lead the salaat.

When he was feeling a little better,he came to the

masjid and gave last Khutbah. Rabiul Awwal, 12, 11 H, he passed to Rafiq Ala. May Allahs blessings be upon him.