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Quest Strategies - VGG W.L.L., an IT company established in Delaware USA, and partnered with one of the largest and reputed business groups of QATAR, The Venture Gulf Group, mainly to offer our services to the Middle East market in the areas of Information Technology, Logistics, and Instrumentation. We also have plans of expanding our operations in to other locations in the Middle East starting with Bahrain, and then to Oman, UAE, and Jordan.


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Provide clarity in a complex business world To provide strategy and focus to partner organizations Receptive Perceptive Add a zero defect solution to your business

Sustained Value Proposition

Product Strategy

Revenue Growth Strategy Expand Revenue Opportunities

Financial Perspective

Improve Cost Structure

Increase Asset Utilization

Enhance Customer Value

Customer Perspective








Brand Image

Product / Service Attributes Operations Management Process Processes that produce and deliver products and services Human Capital Customer Management Process Processes that enhance customer value


Innovative Processes Processes that create new products and services

Regulatory Processes Processes that improves corporate governance

Internal Perspective

Information Capital  Systems  Databases  Networks

Organizational Capital  Skills  Training  Knowledge  Teamwork

Learning & Growth Perspective

 Skills  Training  Knowledge

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

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Custom ERP Implementation  e-Healthcare  e-SCM  e-Rental  e-Hospitality  e-Catering  e-Construction  e-CRM

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eConstructi on Financials , MI, Sales Management, Vendor Management, Project Management, Materials management



Standard ERP Implementation

 SAP  Oracle  Microsoft

Solution Sets





Car Rental

Enterprise Applications – SAP, Oracle, Software AG, Custom ERP, Fleet Management SCM – i2, Oracle, Custom SCM Web Technologies – Java, J2EE, EJB, STRUTS, Hibernate, .NET, R on R, Ajax, LAMP, Web 2.0
Geographical Information Systems – ESRI, Map Info, 3D Modeling, Photogrammatry, Data Conversion

Business Intelligence – Cognos, Business Objects Business Process Management – ALBPM (Oracle) Enterprise Application Integration – webMethods, TIBCO Document Management System – Document File PRO, Quest DMS





Technical Support Services

Quest Strategies has a wide umbrella of expertise in a plethora of technologies. Some of our core speciality offerings include :
Java Technologies (J2EE, EJB, Struts, Hibernate)

.NET Frameworks (including ORCAS) LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Cutting Edge technologies like AJAX, R on R Web 2.0 (Blogs, Wikis, RSS) integration

Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services

Business Consulting

Quest Strategies can help its Clients: Discover the strengths and weak links in their business chain using a rigorous identification procedure By ‘zeroing -in’ on the process aspects that work well By advocating the ER method (Enhancements / Replacements) for getting the churn out of business processes

Business Consulting Contd…

Vendor Selection Matrix Performance Improvements Complete validated requirements Extensive testing Flexible open architecture Change Management Process Configuration Management Cost effective in-place solutions

GIS (Geographical Information System)

 Photogrammatry  3D Modelling Automatic Overlaying  Rastor to vector conversion Enterprise GIS Government Oil & Gas Supply Chain Construction Data conversion

Professional Services

Professional Outsourcing

Quest Strategies provides a comprehensive range of staffing options for every segment of Information Technology, telecommunications, supply chain services and various other industries. With over 5000 man years experience in the resources market place.

Professional Outsourcing
Quest Strategies appraises and selects professionals for temporary and permanent posts - from the most junior positions for new entrants up to executives:            Operators Supporters/ Help Desk Software Programmers/ Analysts Web Publishers/ Programmers/ Producers System Administrators/ Programmer System Network Engineers/ Project Architects Database Administrators/ Programmers Database Architects Business Analysts Tester Software Project Managers/ Leaders SAP Consultants-(Functional and Technical)

Professional Outsourcing

Data Center

Quest's Managed Data Center Service will reduce your operational costs through Rationalisation, Consolidation, Virtualisation, and Standardization. Just some of the benefits of Data Center Managed Services:      Reduce the IT operational costs significantly Extra IT resources and capacity on demand Avoid spiralling electric power costs and your carbon footprint Improved systems security, resilience, availability and responsiveness New technologies without having to pay for the whole investment

Why Quest?
We have over 50 years of combined management experience in designing and building data center systems, as well as data center operations we have the depth of knowledge and experience that is hard to rival.

Supply Chain and Management Solutions

Logistics Services
Strategic Support and Resources to deliver
 Managed Control Tower Solutions  Logistics Staffing Solutions  Operational Implementation Support  Independent Supply Chain “Sense Checking”  Third Party Logistics Management and Sourcing  System Generated and Dynamic Planning Solutions  Integrated Warehouse Management Systems and Support  Vehicle Track and Trace Systems  Handheld and R.F.I.D Technologies  Specific IT training geared to the Logistics Industry



Single Source Responsibility     Supply, Design, Installation, Commissioning, Training & After Sales Service Support Process Instrumentation Field Instrumentation Process Analyzers (Liquid and Gas applications)

Products for water analysis include pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters, ISE and solutions, along with colorimetric, titration and on-line process monitors Project Construction Consumables (Heat Tracing, Sample Tubing, Heated Enclosures, Cabinets, Grab Sample Points)  Online/Offline instruments for varied parameters  Analytical Products 

Instrumentation -- Contd

Analyzer Systems:
 Boiler Water (Steam and Water Analysis Systems – Analyzers: pH/ Cond/ DO/ Hydrazine/Sodium/Silica/Phosphate & Sampling Systems)  Waste Water (Samplers, Sampling Systems, Analyzers – Ammonia/TOC/COD/Oil on Water /Cyanide/Oil in Water/etc).  DM and Portable Water Analyzers.  Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems – CEMS.  Ambient Air Analyzer Systems.  Analyzers for Calorific Value, Wobbe Index and Specific Gravity.

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