Castrol Formula Gel & Havell

Presented by: Alexander Maurya(145/10) Smriti Krishna Sonal Darra Sumit Manchanda(95/10) Vichitra Kunar

Castrol Formula Gel
Brand Awareness and Trial Campaign-By Activation Programme

500 mechanics and 400 dealers in 40 locations spread across 37 cities • Activation period : 1 month. simultaneous roll out in all four zones (East. North and South) .Activation Programme • • • • Client : Castrol Media Agency: Jagran Solution Brand : Castrol Formula Gel Location : 40 Transport Nagars across India – 37 cities • Target group: 2. West.

Market Environment • Castrol :Market leader in greases with about 30% market share with Veedol being the next biggest player at 16% • Veedol and Balmerol :Created a good quality perception among the Target Group(TG) • Between 2005‐07 Primary competition grew by 4% • Emergence of regionally strong players • Key decision maker: Mechanics with some influence by the channel • Long Life and Protection remain the two key drivers for grease segment • Castrol currently operates on protection platform. .

• Formula gel to build a separate category called ”Gel” and to build the category leadership. . • AP-3 to hold the market share and Formula gel to reach 15% of AP3 volume.Objective • Re-launch the Castrol grease portfolio with an improved current product AP-3 and a new product formula gel to build the Castrol image as the performance leader.


• Formula Gel protects your vehicles ball bearing the best. • Functional benefits of thermal stability and superior drain interval .Key messages to be brought alive from activation: • Formula gel is more than just a grease it’s a gel.

Campaign Strategy • To reach a large number of mechanics who were: Concentrated as a group or individuals(s) where they can be reached in large numbers • Should be made to give mind share to our communication • Should be motivated enough to start trying the product • All these factors led to focus on the Transport Hubs of the country where heavy vehicles halt. get loaded‐offloaded and get checked/fixed before the next journey. • But there were some questions: – What is the consumer behavior for the category? – What can be done in order to bring maximum receptiveness? – How to excite the target group to try the first of its kind and expensive product in a price sensitive segment? – Most importantly if the traditional print and electronic media cannot gain inroads what can we do to reach the segment effectively. .

Breaking news –the Ball bearing is dead. BallBearing committed suicide – The situation is scary and needs remedy • An act where surprise element created hype and grab attention at the same time work as entertainment for the audience . Some are calling it as suicide while other think it’s a murder. Suicide or Murder?’ • Ball bearing has been injured in mysterious circumstances. • Jaago News(Some Places News One) gets you minute by minute exclusive coverage of the tragedy. So news Van is visiting various Transport Nagar in order to demystify the story: – Jaago news probes by talking to various mechanics at the transport nagars & declares that it was desperate situation-Due to unbearable circumstances: Excessive temperature &short drain interval.

Activity Description • Jaago News broke the story of the ball bearing – Ball bearing per hamla! – Ball bearing ki haalat naajuk – Aakhir zimmedar kaun? • Through a series of three posters. • Next day saw a news reporter from Jaago News going to the mechanics and in typical breaking news style questioning them and 'investigating' the ball bearing incident. these were put up across the transport nagars (especially near the mechanics stalls). • Most mechanics were caught unawares and did not know what had happened and tried to make guesses on what had exactly happened. who elucidated on the reason for the ball bearing not keeping well. suddenly came to a standstill when a Castrol van braked in front of the crowd and the 'reporter' and from it stepped the Castrol Formula Grease GelMan. . • The interaction. however.


was then presented to Castrol. • The GelMan handed over packs of Formula gel to the mechanics -.Activity Description • The Formula GelMan gave the mechanics and the 'reporter' the entire spiel about the brand and established that if the mechanics started using the new Formula gel grease. • These mechanics found the Formula gel to be superior than regular gel and went on to sign a signature campaign giving their support as a gesture of approval to the brand. the ball-bearing would be fit and fine and running enable them to get a touch and feel of the new. • The sign of approval – the signature campaign -. . improved grease thatCastrol had launched.

• Sensitizing him to the gel-based grease was of supreme importance – as the TG had to understand the superior technology of the brand and the reasoning for its higher cost visa-viz other regular greases • Working in locations which are at times highly scattered. and getting a mechanic's attention was extremely tough.Challenges • The category is very uninvolving. difficult to reach and locating the “right” mechanics was a difficult task .

The nature of the activity required quick and simultaneous execution. to bring alive the proposition and generate trials. channel partners and consumers in a span of 24 days.Scale BTL activation in 40 transport nagars (India has 50 key transport nagars) in 38 cities. . involving mechanics.

• Localized communication in each zone and each transport nagar keeping in mind the local language nuances.Amplification • Innovative and unique teaser for the category. • Optimal utilization of resources to keep activation cost effective and yet not to dilute the essence. . • Creation and introduction of the ‘Gel Man’entirely created in house by JS team. • Attention grabbing and lasting interaction as each mechanic was spoken to personally.

Highlights • Innovative & unique teaser for the category • Creation and introduction of the GelMan – entirely created inhouse by JS creative team • Attention grabbing and lasting interaction as each mechanic was spoken to personally and had a • one-on-one interaction with the brand • Optimum utilization of resources to keep the activation costeffective and yet not dilute the • Essence • Localized communication in each zone and each transport nagar. keeping in mind local language nuances .

500 mechanics and 400 dealers touched and felt the product. . • A boring category created a huge buzz by the ‘murder of the ball bearing’ news break. • Dipstick – post 6 months of the activity an independent research was done on brand recall: It was found that GEL Man – and the product had 72% plus recall. • Excellent feedback from the sales team which saw an immediate spike in sales.100 to 2. which stands testament for the success of the communication on-ground. • Gel Man is now the mascot for Castrol Gel . • Approximately 2.Results • Reached 40 transport nagars in 38 cities which is 80 percent of the total TG in the category in India. • Vote of confidence feedback demonstrated a reinforced positioning for GEL as a leader in its category.

Havell’s: Live A Shockproof life Strategic communications .

a task that’s far more worthy of mindspace. • Decision making is often relegated to electricians/contractors. their opinion seldom questioned • Need to buy switchgear often coincides with the decision making on interior decoration. .Challenges • Switchgear is a low involvement category with little differentiation among the offerings.

recall across overall audience • Objective #2:Achieve 40% growth in sales . recall among potential buyers and at least 50% increase in spont.Objectives • Objective #1: Double Havells’ spont.

” Havell’s switchgear would ensure that there are no electric shocks in people’s life.The Big Idea “Live a shockproof life. .

– “Whenever it trips.” – “It’s so easy to use. we now have to just switch it on. it would have a far greater role in consumers life . that now even my mother and wife can use it” – “Looks so much neater” • This lead to the realization that if Havell focused on switchgears that also prevented electric shock.Consumer insight: Two key discoveries • Most consumers saw switchgears as modern and convenient alternative to electrical fuse.

the advertising shouldn’t be! • Keeping the message single minded.Concept behind The Big Idea • Thought of getting an electric shock is unpleasant enough. • Leveraged the topicality of economic slowdown to reinforce the message • Taking the single mindedness to media as well .

Results: Dekha toh Shock Laga!! .

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