Rizwan Tayabali = Management Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

We’re going to consider a new angle on Social Intelligence

The power of crowd intelligence.

Socialising knowledge transfer & Crowd-sourcing help

Back to Basics…

What exactly is Social Intelligence?

Is there even one clear definition?

1920 E.L. Thorndike first coined it

In 1987, Cantor & Kihlstrom redefined it

Howard Gardner said it’s the interpersonal facet of multiple intelligences

Daniel Goleman took the neuroscience approach Social Intelligence = Social Awareness + Social Facility

They all essentially view social intelligence as personal

… the ability to get along well with others and to get them to cooperate with you

But the world is changing

Social intelligence is now also networked intelligence

The Web 2.0 generation

And platform intelligence

The semantic web

A whole new field called SID (social intelligence design) has even sprung up

We’re more interconnected than we used to be

So social intelligence can now be viewed as a collective phenomenon

I know what you know, as long as I know you!

Which gives us another perspective to explore

An opportunity to change the world


Societal definition of intelligence = Academic

This makes it a function of economics

And since we have social economic differentials, we also have social intelligence differentials

Balancing out these differentials is what I call socialising intelligence

In other words...

Facilitating knowledge transfer to create a collective social intelligence

Using web technologies and SID to create a community platform for socialising knowledge transfer

Crowd-sourcing help by enabling virtual volunteering

Crowd-Sourcing = Many to one

Virtual Volunteering = Doing stuff directly online

Removing barriers to volunteering knowledge

Socialising Intelligence!

Thank You!
Rizwan Tayabali
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