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The Softer Cracker

By: Group 8 Sapphire

Problem and Hypothesis
• Problem:
• What brand of crackers will soften faster
when you eat it?
• Fita or Skyflakes?
• Hypothesis:
• I think that if the cracker you eat is Fita
then it will soften faster.
Materials Needed
5 Skyflakes
5 Fita Crackers
500 ml Saliva
10 plastic cups
1 sterilized tongs
2 pairs of disposable gloves
Experimental Design
• 1.Put the skyflakes and fita in the
• 2. Fill both containers with saliva
• 3. Check the softness of the crackers
every 5 minutes
• 4. Decide which cracker softened
Controlled Variable
• The amount of saliva
• The kind of saliva
• The condition of the cracker
• The kind of container
Manipulated Variable
• The brand of the cracker
Responding Variable
• The softness of the cracker