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Submitted by:
Kristine Grace Albastro
Maria Gaye Margarette Cervantes
Zyra Grace Zaragosa

To determine which type

of food will the molds
grow the fastest, and to
help households decide in

In which food type will

form mold the fastest,
rich in Carbohydrates or
I think that if the food is rich in Vitamin C,
then the molds will grow faster compared to
foods rich in carbohydrates.
Experimental Design

l e s :
a r i ab
n g V s :
o n d i l d s a b l e
Re s p f m o
v a r i
t h o e d
g r o w u l a t
a n i p o d
M f f o u r e ,
d o r a t
kin : te m p e
b le s d ,
a r i a f f oo
ed V n t o
tr o l l o u
C o n r, a m
ai n e
co n t
¼ kilo
1 loaf of bread

6 plastic
1 meter plastic
1.Cut the bread and peach into pieces.
2.Layer the bread into three separate
containers, the same with the peach.
3.Be sure to cover each container with
plastic and label them.
4. Leave the containers untouched in
one week.
5. Observe the containers each day.
6. Record observation.
Food rich in
Vitamin C (peach)
Food rich in
We therefore conclude that our
hypothesis was wrong because the
molds grew faster in the bread which is
rich in carbohydrate than the peach
that is rich in Vitamin C.
We also speculated that the
households should buy more
Vitamin C rich foods like fruits,
and consume immediately
foods rich in carbohydrates
such as breads because they
are easily damaged.