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Air Powered Cars

Nathan Mr.Inserra Period 7

How it works
AIR POWERED Air powered engines use electricity to compress air 2 cylinder Compressed air stored in glass/carbon fiber at 4,351 lbs of pressure per square inch Air fed through injector to engine and flows into small chamber which makes air expand Air pushes on pistons That moves crank shaft Gives car power GAS POWERED Combustion engine Burns fuel in combustion chamber Makes exothermic reaction Makes heat Makes new gases New gases expand and push the pistons Moves crankshaft Makes power Pistons return to normal positions Normal car engine

Saving Gas
Holds 79 gallons of air 124 miles at 68 mph Normal gas cars get around 25 gpm

Gas pump

How much CO2 it releases which leads to Global Warming

Air cars Almost no co2 Gas cars around 31.6 million metric tons of co2 a year

How much SO2/NOx it releases which causes Acid Rain

Air cars No sulfur or nitrogen oxide emissions Gas cars 0.07 grams of nox per mile for passenger cars and light weight trucks 30 parts per million of sulfer in gas maximum average

Co$t to the cu$tomer

This car costs $12,700 This is about the same as a normal car
Expensive cars (below, lower left)

Environmental advantages
Releases no sulfur emissions Hardly any co2 emissions

Burns fossil fuels

Extra Info
The inventor= Guy Negre Held together with glue Already for sale in India TaTa motors $3 a gallon 2 minutes to fill

Air Cars are AWESOME!! They even look cool!!

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You can also find a works cited guide on the Middle School Library web page.

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