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Contents • • • • • • • • Gokul: at a glance Gokul Set-up Products by Gokul Competition for Gokul Objectives Findings and Conclusion Suggestions Limitations .

98 for ISO –9002 /ISO 9001/HACCP in 2003 Undertaken DPM Study from 1990 for Plant improvement. with help of NDDB/FAO 14 times winner of National Productivity Awards from 1988/89 to 2006/07 Turnover for financial year 20092010 – Rs. Highest handling . Plant Losses etc.Gokul: Landmarks ‘Gokul‘ is an Operation Flood cooperative dairy project established on 16th March 1963 Quality Assurance Program and certified in Sept.7 Lakh Ltr. Refrigeration./day . 750 Cr. Average handling in Dairy Plant .11 Lakh Ltr/day.

Supply Chain of Gokul Milk .

Butter Lassi Ghee Amrakhand Gokul Products Milk Shrikhand Milk Powder Cream .

Warana Krishna Milk Yalgud Rivals of Gokul Milk Samruddhi Milk Chitale Milk Shahu Milk .

” To know the market position of “Gokul Milk” To find out the causes of not buying the “Gokul Milk.Research Objectives To estimate the market potential and frequency of consumption of “Gokul Milk.” .” To know the awareness level among the retailers and consumers for the “Gokul Milk.

Research Details Data Collection Convenience Sampling Method Primary Data Secondary Data Sample Unit: Retailers & Consumers Sample Size: 150 Retailers & 100 Consumers .

There is need to allocate distributors in Gadhinglaj area since it has a potential market for milk 60% of the retailers get higher margin than Gokul Milk. So margin should be increased as per the sale to influence the trade response .Findings and Conclusions (Retailers) Only 5% retailers are unaware about the “Gokul Milk” It was found that only 38% retailers keep “Gokul Milk” Because there is no distributor of Gokul Milk in Gadhinglaj area Retailers’ main view about not buying the product is higher price of the product.

Findings and Conclusions (Consumers) The “Warana Milk” is the most popular brand and “Gokul Milk” is the 2nd most popular brand in the area. Generally people buy the product because of better quality and good taste 96% people are aware about this product in the area Consumers do not buy the product because of shortage of supply Radio is the most effective media of advertisement of Gokul Milk .

Suggestions Pricing Strategy • Price should be decreased to increase the sale • Price should be lowered as compared to competitors • Supply chain should be strengthened to meet the market demand • More distributors should be allocated to Ichalkaranji and Gadhinglaj towns. • Margin should be restructured according to the other competitors. • Promotional activities should be conducted to attract retailers. Supply Chain Management Promotion .

Non-cooperative approach and rude behavior of the respondents. As a result of this it was not possible to gather full information about the respondents. no cause they may feel that they would be called or visited again and again. . The respondents were not very comfortable while revealing their correct usage pattern. If the respondents answer does not falls between amongst the options given then it will turn up to be a biased answer.Limitations Limited time available for interviewing the respondents.

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