backwards outline

after a first draft is complete

test the structure of your ideas All essay components should closely connect. Pick a point and stick to it! .

#2.) underline or create a separate document . etc.backwards outline DIRECTIONS: Copy each main sentence exactly as it appears in the draft. Afterward. #4. analyze and revise as needed: • title • thesis • topic sentence from each body paragraph (#1. #3.


FRAMEWO RK title thesis topic sentences .

TITLE should not simply state topic should connect to thesis and match the hook any metaphors and creative phrases used in the title should be explained inside the essay remember to capitalize all main words .

Not a good place for pronouns. students should avoid asking a thesis question. In most cases. unless specifically assigned. for most essays find a place in your introduction for this component. THESIS . unless otherwise directed.Most important sentence or two in essay. Clearly state your opinion about the topic. As college students. Make your argument . use nouns and proper nouns instead.

change thesis. Stick closely to your original concept or realize that your main idea may be changing and developing as you write. Under review. Must contain some analysis. . Argue your point in every paragraph. topic sentences may need adjustment in order to maintain strong essay structure. use nouns and proper nouns instead. or change both in order to improve your work. Keep your thesis alive. Don’t be afraid to change topic sentences.TOPIC SENTENCES Set a paragraph’s point at the top. Not a good place for pronouns.

Handle their reading experience with care. Think of your readers.remember “cut.” “copy” and “paste" are a writer’s best friends! Don’t be afraid to move ideas and/or support to better construct your thoughts. .

learn to connect or cut .

OUTER SHELL hook detailed support conclusion .

hook show your thesis launch your argument grab and keep the reader’s attention .

detailed support connect to topic sentence connect to thesis connect to title .

DON’T PLAN GIVE simply repeat your thesis. conclusion . readers a reason to read through the end of your essay. topic sentences or support. ahead! Save something special for a strong close.

during and after drafting .practice dynamic outlining outline before.

The writer’s job is to sort.intro = hook + thesis only remember: Learn to distinguish the main idea from supporting points. organize and build a composition out of these puzzle pieces. . try using them as topic sentences. Move competing ideas into body paragraphs. the brain delivers main ideas first. When initially recording thoughts. In prewriting. writers often find their thesis surrounded by topic sentences.


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