* GCSE Media Studies

With Mr Holloway


* Importance of online working * Checking all student blogs and linking to course
blog * Discuss what is meant by the term media * Understanding the terms Denotation and Connotation



Blog check

1. If you were able to create you blog and make a first post - STAND 2. If you were unable to create your blog and make a first post - STAY SEATED


*All students with blogs
created move to the computers, logon under the Mac environment using the following login *Login: Student *Password: mediastudent11

*All those seated open your
journals and copy. *http://mediastudiesgcsebr entford10.blogspot.com/ *Then open your exercise books and write a brief explanation of why you were unable to create your blog. Ensure that you make it clear what technical issues you had.

*Then open safari and login in
to your blog. *Use the next five minutes to work on the design of your blog and add the course BLOG as as a favourite BLOG

*5 minutes to write

All students
Login using student mediastudent11

Safari and go to the course blog Open new tab and create you own blog Following the instruction on the course Blog.


* Using the design tab create a new gadget down
the side - FAVOURITE BLOGS * Add the address of the COURSE BLOG * Add addresses of other student blogs


* Write down the vital login information for your

blog somewhere it cannot be lost - your journal * Then write it somewhere else - the sheet which I am handing out which will be locked in my office filing cabinet * And then make a note anywhere else you think is helpful


* Design * Play with the design features and become
familiar with them

*5 minutes

* What is the media?
30 secs to discuss with a partner



*Meaning of the word Media


* Draw a diagram with
circles around each form of Media platform you use
The largest circle for the platform you use most - in the circle write what you do with that Media platform

* Denotation and Connotation * Explanation of terminology and exploration of


* What is denoted or shown * The literal meaning of something * The physical * The actual * What we see or hear


*Denotation - Model
* What is denoted? * A red rose * A red flower with green
leaves and a thorny stem. * A plant which attracts pollinating insects with its scent and colour while defending itself against attack with sharp thorns. * A flower cultivated because of its striking beauty and cash value.

* The meaning implicit in what we see or hear * How the actual works as a symbol for something
else * The subtext


*What is connoted by
a red rose?


* In your own words explain the differences
between denotation and connotation.

* Think about: * Why might it be important to be able to discuss
a media text using both words/concepts?