Have you ever wondered why some people… find more happiness than others?

Why some people live well and die happy,

while others die with regret?

I asked people to tell me the one person they knew who had found true happiness… and had something to teach us.

Hundreds of people, with 18,000 years of experience, aged 60-106 shared their secrets.

I asked them to tell me…

what brought them happiness? what they wished they’d learned sooner? what they regretted?

and for the secret to life in one sentence or less.

They told me…

the Five Secrets

we must discover

before we die.

Whatever mistakes you have made, no matter how many regrets you have,

plant a new tree today.

Be true to yourself Leave no regrets

Become love

Live the moment

And give more than you take.

Learn more about The Five Secrets… Watch the internet movie…


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