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Teknik Kendaraan Ringan Semester 2nd Class X Kompetensi Kejuruan SK-KD 11TH


What is a tire made of. What percent of a tire is rubber? What is a pneumatic tire? What is the difference between radial & bias ply tires ? Why are tires black?

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

 Raw Rubber  Steel  Nylon  Polyester  Rayon  Carbon Black  Synthetic Rubber  Fiberglass  Aramid  Brass Teknologi dan Rekayasa .Actual components that go into a tire.

What percent of a tire is rubber?  By weight. quite a bite more. Rubber 30 20 Steel Nylon 10 0 Tire compontents Synthetic Rubber Carbon Black Rayon Teknologi dan Rekayasa . give or take 30%  By volume.

especially compressed air: a pneumatic tire (dictionary definition).What Is Pneumatic Tire?  Filled by air.  All tires manufactured today are considered Pneumatic tires. Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Who Invented The First Tire? It was invented in 1888. This would be the end of the solid tire. Teknologi dan Rekayasa . by John Dunlop.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa .Why are Tires Black?  To protect the rubber from the harmful UV rays.  A common type of UV stabilizer called a competitive absorber is added to capture and absorb these harmful UV light wave energy.

 The cord angle is also reversed from ply to ply. Teknologi dan Rekayasa .Bias Ply Tire  A bias ply tire has plies running at an angle from bead to bead.  Tread is bonded directly to the top ply.

like cords.  These belts are also ran at a different angle.Belted Bias Tire  Is a bias tire with belts added to increase tread stiffness. Teknologi dan Rekayasa .  These belts only lie on the tread area and not on the side walls.

but a stiff tread. Teknologi dan Rekayasa .Radial Ply Tire  Has plies running straight across from bead to bead with stabilizer belts lying directly beneath the tread.  This results in the radial having flexible side wall.

Tire Cutaway Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Cooper Tire Cutaway Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Tire Sidewall Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Tire Numbering System Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Tire Size Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Tire Size  If you switch tire size on a car you can mess up the speedometer to figure out how close you are do the math to figure out the diameter.4 + 15= 27.  For a 205/75R15 tire it would look like this  205 X .75 x 2 ÷ 25.4 + Rim size 100 Teknologi dan Rekayasa .106  Tire size X Aspect ratio X 2 ÷ 25.

70. The aspect ratio can be a 40.Aspect Ratio Percentage of tires height in relation to it’s width A 60 series tire height will be 60% of the width. Teknologi dan Rekayasa .75.78 These are some of the most common ones. 60.50.65.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa . the LOAD INDEX and the SPEED RATING.SERVICE DESCRIPTION  On some performance tires. you will notice some additional numbers and letters located at the end of the tire size. The Service Description consists of two parts.  For Example: P185/70R14 92S  In this example the 92S is called the SERVICE DESCRIPTION. You'll notice the Speed Rating “S” has been moved from the old Metric size system of: 185/70SR14 to P185/70R14 92S  The SPEED RATING is a letter which designates the rating achieved on indoor wheel testing.

 As in aspect ratio where the operative word was ratio. the load index typically ranges from 75 to 100. By referring to the load index chart in the Tire Guide you can determine the maximum load carrying capacity of a tire size from using the load index number at the end of the P-Metric size. In passenger car tires. An index is a point of reference or a chart to refer to find information. in load index the operative word here is index.  For Example:  Load Index Max Load (lbs. All tire guides used by retail tire stores have them and they have load index charts in them.Load Index  The LOAD INDEX is a number ranging from 0 to 279 and covers load capacities from the smallest motorcycle tires to those for the largest earth mover tires.)  91 1356  92 1389  93 1433 Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Speed Rating Rating Maximum Speed Q 99 mph S 112 mph T 118 mph U 124 mph H 130 mph V 149 mph W 168 mph Y 186 mph Z Above 149 mph from goodyear Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

damaged or altered. not over loaded.Effects of speed on a tire Tires are tested under Laboratory conditions they are not worn out. Just because they have a speed rating does not mean the car is safe to drive at those speeds Teknologi dan Rekayasa . are properly inflated.

make sure that it is the right amount.Tire pressure  Tire pressure should be check monthly  Tire pressure should be checked cold  for every 10° Fahrenheit change in air temperature. your tire's inflation pressure will change by about 1 psi  The air pressure in the tire supports the car.  If you check the air pressure inside the shop at a temperature of 70° will the tires be the right pressure when it goes outside at 0°? Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Effects of low tire pressure Overinflation Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Effects of low tire pressure Underinflation Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

chunking  shoulder cracking  Sidewall cracking  Weather cracking  Breaks in sidewall/tread  Excessive radial runout  diameter  Excessive lateral runout  width  Conicity  not level accross tread • cone shaped Teknologi dan Rekayasa .Tire Defects  Separations  Bulges  sidewall separations  tread tearing.

Tire Defects Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Tire Defects Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Tire Defects Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Wheels steel \ cast Off set Bump steer Scrub Radius Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Static balance Equals wheel tramp Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Dynamic Balance equals wobble Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Bibliography: The Tire Rack Online Performance Source Teknologi dan Rekayasa .

Thanks very much Presented by Aloysius Sudibyo SMK Negeri 1 Magelang .

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