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Quality of Work life and Related issues

QWL deals with the impact of work and the work environment on employees and organization productivity. - It focuses on improving the condition of work to create a supportive and healthy work environment

Economic Adversity / Employment Difficulties

Management Practices (e.g. way of treating employees & giving them opportunity to use their abilities)

Quality of Work life (QWL)

Strong effect
Job Nature (e.g. work load, work hours & pay)

Minor effect

Concept of QWL
Basically it is started with surveys conducted at the University of Michigan between 1969 & 1973. It may be defined as the extent to which the environment at the work place stimulates or hinders the productivity of employee. QWL aims at developing satisfaction of employees needs. To increase employee engagement in both emotional and intellectual way.

Provision of a safe and healthy environment

Organization should provide safe and hygienic work environment. Organization should also strive to ensure that employees are not exposed to undue job stress. A QWL activity, initiated by the organization, should therefore cater to the physical needs of employees.

Establishment of effective supervision and management.

The onus of creating a work environment that attracts, keep and motivates the workforce lies entirely on the managers and supervisors.
Supervisors and manager should make the employee feel proud about their work and organization.

Explore inner skills of employees.

Adequate and fair compensation

Organization must provide adequate and fair compensation.
Compensation should be fair for every employee according to their work. It should not only be competitive based but also motivate them.

Development of work skill

A positive work environment develops employees skills. Organization should give facility for development human capital.

Effective management of change and transition

Change and transition in various aspect of management like technology and organizational structure.
QWL activities therefore facilitates transition of organization from one stage of development to another.

Benefits of QWL


Potential Difficulties of QWL

- Although all QWL initiatives aim at improving organizational processes, the implementation of such initiatives poses some difficulties too. - Problem arises when QWL initiatives are collaboratively launched by the management and the union. - The above difficulty can be minimized if there is mutual trust between the two parties


1) Workers Participation.

2) Sexual Harassment.
3) Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. 4) Work Place Violence.

5)Quality circle
6)Self managed team

Workers Participation
Definition:- It is a mental and emotional involvement

of a person in a group situation which encourages them to contribute to goals and share responsibilities.

Forms of Work participation in Management:-

1) Works Committee. 2) Joint Management Councils. 3) Joint Councils and Shop Councils.

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Effects of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on

Effects of Alcoholism on Co- workers, Superiors

and Organization.
Techniques to Deal with Alcoholism and Drug


Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Definition:- It is an objectionable emphasis on the

sex of an individual. More specifically, any sexually oriented conduct-verbal, physical, or by innuendoconstitutes sexual harassment.
European commission classifies sexual

harassment into 4 categories:1) Non Verbal 2) Physical 3) Verbal 4) Sexual Blackmails.

Sexual Harassment at Workplace cont.

Measures to Reduce Sexual

- Instructing the male employees on how to
deal with the co-workers of opposite sex. - Companies must have complaints committee - Companies should take disciplinary actions whatever necessary and should not have Unisex toilets
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Quality circle

Self managed team

elements in A QWL


HRM / Group No 10


Quality circle
The concept of quality circle emerged from quality

Definition :- a quality circle is a small group of


employees doing similar or related work who meet regularly to identify, analyze and solve product quality problems and to improve general operations. Improving occupational safety and health, improving product design, and improvement in manufacturing process. The ideal size of a quality circle is from eight to ten members. HRM / Group No 10 4/14/2012

Features of quality circle

A quality circle is a voluntary group. It represent a collective effort. It intends to improve the quality of output. It coordinates activities of members towards

improving the quality of work in workshop.

It has no discrimination among age,sex and

20 HRM / Group No 10 4/14/2012

Advantages of a Quality Circle

It is a voluntary forum of workers workers potential. It provides the worker autonomy and sense of

participation and involvement

It helps in finding solutions to several problems of

It helps in creating a relation
21 HRM / Group No 10 4/14/2012

Requisites for Success

managements support part of the total system commitment of top management who lead the circle should be trained Groundwork carefully planned
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Team members are interdependent regarding

some common goal.

Teams are bounded and stable over time.
Team members have the authority to manage

their own work and internal processes.

Teams operate in a social system context.
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Autonomous work groups

These are teams of workers, without

formal company-appointed leader, who decide among themselves most decisions traditionally handled by supervisors. high degree of self-determination by employees in the management of their day-to-day work. this includes collective control over the pace of work, distribution of tasks ,organization of breaks, and collective participation in the recruitment and training of new members. Direct supervision is often necessary.
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The elements in A QWL Program include many item like

Open communication Equitable reward system A concern for employee job security Employee skill development Reduction of occupational stress Good employer-employee relations


HRM / Group No 10


The elements in A QWL Program include many item like cont.

A challenging job
More opportunity for growth Encouraging creativity and innovation in

employees Workers participation in management Supportive leadership


HRM / Group No 10


The elements in A QWL Program include many item like cont.

Development of employees

Good appraisal system

Employee benefits Profit sharing

Pension rights.


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The Best Companies that are ranked in the Top 10

Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd. Federal Express Corporation Aviva Life Insurance Co India Ltd Google India Pvt. Ltd. Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd Marriott Hotels India Pvt. Ltd. American Express Network Appliance Systems (India) Private Limited

(NetApp) NTPC Limted Bharti Airtel Limited

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This simple idea

says that employees at all levels of an organization should be given responsibility and authority for most day-to-day decisions.

Merits of Empowerment
Formation of important cross functional links Morale

Compensation for limited career paths

Demerits of Empowerment
Greater potential for chaos (confusion)
Breakdown of hierarchical control Demoralisation

Requisites for the Success of Empowerment

360 degree feedback Variable rewards with some group component Error tolerance Enhanced communication Generalist managers and employees Trust and support of management

Flexible Organization Structure



How can ergonomics improve health and safety?

What kind of problems can ergonomics solve?

Display screen equipment. Manual Handling. Work related stress. Managing the work day.

Cumulative Trauma Disorders



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