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The 7S McKinsey model

Element Strategy Structure Systems Definition A set of actions that you start with and must maintain How people and tasks / work are organized All the processes and information flows that link the organization together How managers behave How you develop managers (current and future) Longer-term vision, and all that values stuff, that shapes the destiny of the organization Dominant attributes or capabilities that exist in the organization

Style Staff Super-ordinate Goals


7S Checklist Questions
What is our strategy?
Increase memberships thru direct sales.

How do we intend to achieve our objectives?

Easy Payment & Attractive Holiday Plans.

How do we deal with competitive pressure?

Explaining how our product is better. A No compromise outlook.

7S Checklist Questions
How is the company/team divided? Sales & Marketing | CRC | Accounts What is the hierarchy? Refer Next Slide How do the various departments coordinate activities? Intrapersonal Relationship ,E-mails, meetings and discussions How do the team members organize and align themselves Decentralized focused manner. Is decision making and controlling centralized or decentralized? Is this as it should be, given what we're doing? Centralized by CEO . Yes. Where are the lines of communication? Explicit and implicit? Both

Citrus Check Inns Hierarchy



Direct Sales (Mum/Pune/Delhi)

Corporate Sales (Mum/Pune)

CRM & Web Mgt.

Accounts & Admin

Team Exe


CRC Exe (Mum/Pune)

7S Checklist Questions
What are the main systems that run the organization? Consider financial and HR systems as well as communications and document storage. Web Driven with manual backups Where are the controls and how are they monitored and evaluated? CEO | Monitored by functional heads, evaluated by CEO. What internal rules and processes does the team use to keep on track? Policy guideline of the company & web portal

7S Checklist Questions
Shared Values: What are the core values? Ethical Sales | Increase profitability | Enhance Customer Relationship. What is the corporate/team culture? Motivated | Self driven | Ethical Business Values | Process Driven. How strong are the values? Positive. What are the fundamental values that the company/team was built on? Emerging as a strong brand with quality service.

7S Checklist Questions
Style: How participative is the management/leadership style? Combination of participative & dictotorial. How effective is that leadership? Worked so far. Do employees/team members tend to be competitive or cooperative? Yes Are there real teams functioning within the organization or are they just nominal groups? Team Functions exists

7S Checklist Questions
Skills: What are the strongest skills represented within the company/team? Working under adversities and problem solving. Are there any skills gaps? Training on closing sales calls and continuous training on personality development. What is the company/team known for doing well? Team Spirit and focused approach. Do the current employees/team members have the ability to do the job? Yes How are skills monitored and assessed? Reviews and meetings.

7S Checklist Questions
What positions or specializations are represented within the team? Experienced Sales and Marketing along with Customer Service personnel's. What positions need to be filled? Telecallers | Front Line Executives | Marketing Promoters Are there gaps in required competencies? Focus on Marketing

7S Worksheet
Shared Values Shared Values Strategy Structure Systems Style Staff Skills Strategy Structure Systems Style Staff Skills

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Shared Values Shared Values Strategy Structure Systems Style Staff Skills Strategy Structure Systems Style Staff Skills

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