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O3-The Earth Protector !!!!

Ozone layer is present around the earth on top of the

stratosphere ,about 30 miles above the earth .

Stratosphere has 90% of Ozone gas. Bluish Ozone layer absorbs harm full UV rays ( Ultra-Violet) sent

down by sun along with the light rays.

UV rays has catastrophic effects on plant and animal life , if it

reaches on earth planet.


Blue O3- Ozone protective Layer ring around the earth ------

The Ozone layer---

Ozone depletion - A cause of concern.

Process of Ozone depletion in the form of a hole in the Ozone

layer , was discovered first in 1984 over Antarctica.

Antarctica ice cap was the first victim of Ozone layer destruction

Main culprit causing the damage to Ozone layer is CFC .

What is CFC ?
CFC is Chloro-Fluro-Carbon in the gas form. CFC gas is amazingly useful in many products like

Refrigerator, home insulations , plastics , foams and throw away food containers.
Thomas Midgley , American chemist discovered this gas in

After extensive use of CFC gas for many years , we realized the

disastrous effects on plant and animal life.

CFC depletes Ozone layer ! How ?

Chlorine in Chloro-Fluro-Carban CFC , is replaced by an

Oxygen atom from Ozone O3 forming protective Ozone layer.

This replacement of one atom of chlorine happens by depleting /

destroying approx, 1,00,000 atoms of Ozone from the layer.

1% Ozone layer depletion results into 2% more UV rays

reaching the surface of earth.

Ozone Monitoring Instrument..

Ozone layer depletion ---More UV rays reaching earth. Result !!!!.

Catastrophe ???????
Over exposure to UV rays increase the incidences of

a) Skin cancer. b) Cataract. c) Infective deceases. And will also affect adversely a) Life cycle of plants. b) Life in the ocean. c) wind pattern and thereby climate through out the globe .

Need to control O3 layer depletion

World realized the urgent need to control Ozone depletion . Number of treaties, and laws are written ex. Vienna convention ,

Montral treaty .
30 countries including India have agreed and signed the


Need to control O3 layer depletion- India will phase out the usage of CFC completely by 2030.
Other countries also either reduced or stop the usage of CFC.

USA and Europe together produce and use 75% of CFC of

the world utilization.

Too little , too late -----

Scientists have stated that the action suggested and taken as

per the treaty are too little , too late.

If we stop usage of CFC today, damage to Ozone layer will

continue for next 100 yrs.

Worlds scientific communality is still finding the early solution to

the issue. So far they are inconclusive.

Conclusion--- We all residents of Global village need to think and act

together crossing the boundaries of cast ,religion and even nation in the interest of this beautiful planet Earth and for generations ahead of us , and protect this planet by stopping the abuse of knowledge under the name Development or Progress.
So, Let us hope that we will have solution to stop depletion of

Ozone, at the earliest.

Thank You ..