Apostle to the Gentiles

Lesson 30: Acts 9-15

Acts 10:1-11
• A pious Roman officer (in Caesarea) named Cornelius has a vision of an angel who told him to seek out a man named Peter, who is staying in the town of Joppa. • The next day, Peter went to pray and had a strange vision... • 11-16

Acts 10
• While Peter puzzled over the meaning of this vision, a call came at the door. • Cornelius’ servants asked for Peter, and invited Peter to come visit Cornelius.

• Peter went with them to Joppa to meet Cornelius.
• Peter and Cornelius discover that they have each had visions. • Peter has a revelation: All people, Jew or Gentile, may become disciples of Christ.

• Saul = Hebrew • Paul = Latin • Born in Tarsus • Educated in Jerusalem • Could read and write
• (85-90% of people could not!) • Greek speaking

• An ardent Pharisee
• The only early pharisee whose writings we have

• Converted to Christianity • After Jesus, most influential Christian ever. • Very controversial in his own day • 13/27 NT books attributed to him!
• But not all actually were written by him.

• Traveled all over the Mediterranean • Establishes churches • Wrote epistles (letters) to those churches to answer questions. • Always struggling for legitimacy

• Not one of the original 12

Paul’s Conversion
Old View
Jesus a traveling preacher, small following, a criminal executed for sedition.

New View
Jesus blessed by God, Jewish Messiah

Died on a cross for the Cursed by God to die on a sake of others, overcoming cross death and sin Law of Moses the greatest gift of God Christ the greatest gift of God

Law of Moses brings one to Christ brings one to a right a right position with God position with God

Paul’s Conversion
• Paul was an “Apocalyptic” Jew.

• “Apocalypticism”= belief that the world will end soon with great disasters, judgements, and miracles.
• When Paul saw the resurrected Jesus Christ, it confirmed that belief for him. • Paul, the Christian, believed he was living in the end times.

• Biggest contribution: Non-Jews don’t have to become Jews in order to follow Christ.
• “Apostle to the Gentiles”

• Seems obvious to us now, but was extremely controversial in Paul’s day.

Epistles of Paul
Romans 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians Galatians Philippians 1 Thessalonians Philemon

Possibly Pseudonymous
Ephesians Colossians 2 Thessalonians

Probably Pseudonymous
1 Timothy 2 Timothy Titus

Acts 9:1-9
• 1-2: “The Way”: earliest name of Christianity • 3-4 • 5-6 • 7-9

Acts 9:10-19
• 10-11 • 12-14 • 15-16

• 17-19a

Acts 9:19b-22

• 19b-20 • 21-22

Paul’s First Journey
Leg 1: Antioch to Paphos

• Acts 13:4-12

• Antioch--Salamis--Paphos
• Paul and Barnabas go to Cyprus, debate the magician Elymas. • Elymas is struck blind.

Paul’s First Journey
Leg 2: Paphos to Pisidian Antioch
• (Acts 13:16-52) Paphos--Perga--Pisidian Antioch

• Visited synagogues, invited to preach
• 16-43: Paul delivers a powerful speech about Christ. This is the first time these people have ever heard of this. They invite Paul to stay and preach again next week! • 44-52: The whole town shows up to hear Paul preach, but some Jews began to debate with him. Paul says, “Oh well. We came to teach the Gentiles anyway!” • The Jews in Pisidian Antioch convince the leaders there to toss Paul out of the city, but not before many Gentiles are converted to their message.

Paul’s First Journey
Leg 3: Pisidian Antioch to Iconium

• (Acts 14:1-7) Pisidian Antioch--Iconium

• Same thing happened in Iconium. The people were divided over their message. Many Jews protested against them. • They planned to stone Paul and Barnabas, but Paul found out and they fled.

Paul’s First Journey
Leg 4: Iconium to lystra

• (Acts 14:8-19) Iconium--Lystra • Paul heals a man who can’t walk, the people begin to worship him and Barnabas as Zeus and Hermes. • Paul teaches them about Christ. • The Jews in Iconium stone P & B and drag them out of the city. They leave for Derbe.

Paul’s First Journey
Leg 5: Lystra to Derbe, back to Antioch

• (Acts 14:20-23) • Lystra--Derbe--Lystra--Iconium--Pisidian Antioch • Strengthened the new disciples • Encouraged them to be faithful in persecutions • Appointed elders (leaders) in the local churches

Paul’s First Journey
Leg 6: Back Home, Pisidian Antioch to Syrian Antioch

• Back home, through Perga and across sea to Syrian Antioch.
• Round trip: about 1,400 miles

• About the distance from Houston to L.A.

• Chapter 15: Settling the question of Gentiles and circumcision. • Question: Do believing gentiles need to follow the Law of Moses? • Answer: 23-29 (A letter from the Jerusalem council)

Jerusalem Council

• A compromise: Obey a part of the Law of Moses, but not circumcision!
• Note: Peter had the vision, but James gave the final call! (13-21)

Sad Ending
• 15:36-41 • Paul and Barnabas traveled together on the first mission. A man named John-Mark went with them, but left after the first major stop. This apparently angered Paul. • Paul and Barnabas go separate ways over the issue.

The End

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