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• Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. is located in Kadi Gujarat.

• Cera was incorporated in the year 1978 and started production in 1980, as a
division of Madhusudan Industries Limited.
• Cera has its sale office in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata,
Cochin and Hyderabad.
• Cera started its production of Sanitaryware products.

• Cera plant has a production capacity of 15,000 MTPA.

• Cera has its existing network of 500 distributors and 5000 retailers.
• Cera has a 20% market share in sanitaryware industry in India.
Product Profile
• Product:- Wash Basins, Shower Range, Bath fitting

Whirlpool & Bath tubs, Pozzi Ginori

Sanitaryware, Glass Basin.

• Brand Name:- Cera Sanitaryware

• Punch Line:- Your bathroom is your room too.


 Administrative: Decision on promotion, Salary increase,
Placement, Transfer.
 Organizational: Human resources planning and
restructuring of operations and enhancing human
resources productivity
 Motivational: Earning incentives, reward, self appraisal
and learning
 Development: Counseling, training and development,
Under production department Company have these
following units:

 Quality assurance Department

 Purchase Department

 R & D Department

 Stores Department

 Maintenance Department

 Maintaining proper books of accounts.

 Reporting to the management issues relating to finance.

 Obtaining of funds from various sources and using it.


 Tax planning.

 Controlling (regular assessment of financial activities).

The following are the marketing strategies adopted by the company:-

 To deliver quality products at reasonable prices to all the class of

the society.

 Positioning the products in its most suitable manner by developing a

unique selling preposition.

 Differentials the products in order to get distinctive identity in the


 Adopting sales promotional schemes for both the dealers and


 Creating brand awareness in the customers through continuous

advertisements and event sponsorship.
Mission & Vision
• To setup and carry out research and development
for the manufacture and development of sanitary
Sanitaryware products.
• Provide high quality to Sanitaryware products.


• To be a total home solutions provider in the long
run, providing products for every room in the in the
 Local base for machinery manufacturers.
 Extensive supplier industry.
 Strong distribution channel.

 Non-availability of processed raw materials.
 High Utilities Cost (gas & electricity).
 Lack of Modern Kiln technology leading to high energy
losses (30%).
 Rising domestic demand for sanitary ware and table
 Large export potential in sanitary ware in Middle East,
Africa and Central Asia.
 Exploit local expertise in related sectors, clusters
Threats :-
 Low priced import from china.
 Changing consumer preferences.
 Large surplus capacities in the international market.
 Large unorganized existence.
A Study On Customer Response towards Technical Assistance

Objective of the study:

• To know the Customer satisfaction towards technical assistance.
• To know customers expectations about after sales service provided by the

Scope of the Study:

This study gives detailed view about customer satisfaction towards after sales
assistance by Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. The study focuses on to make a solution
for the customer dissatisfaction toward technical assistance those facing by
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.

Data collection:
Primary Data:
Through Questionnaire.
• About 50 % customers have a view that Cera’s product and services
are similar like other product in market.

• More then 50 % of customers has got technical information from the

user manual.

• About 84% customers are not satisfied with the technical assistance
provided by company.

• Mostly customers are not satisfied with the information available in

User Manual. According to them; It’s not about, how to use, how to
fit it, at any problem what should do etc.

• According to all data analysis customer have dissatisfaction towards

technical assistance.
• Need to give full knowledge about product use to customers through advertisement in
magazines, newspaper or TV. channel.

• Need to make some improvement in products to satisfy its customer.

• There should be all information regarding product use, installation, product

features, and emergency repair of product in User Manual.

• Company should add sufficient technical information in other mediums of

information like website. So customer can use alternate way for information.

• Company should provide technical expert employee for every specific area.
Those can personally solve the problem of customer.

• If company is not providing service to its customer timely. Then there should
be provision of compensation to its customer.
• This problem analysis was made to know the
satisfaction of quality & services provided by the Cera
Sanitaryware Ltd. to its customers. After this survey it is
proved that company has failed to give full satisfaction
towards technical assistance to its customers. It is
needed to make some improvement in its service.

• But company have a positive response regarding product

quality. After the observation of all departments, it is
proved that Cera is doing well in all functional areas. It
has to need to take care of customer satisfaction and
after getting their view company should make
improvement in its products.