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a letter sent to seller by buyer for getting explanation and details of goods or products to buy Some needed information: Price list Sample of products Quotation Terms of payment Terms of delivery Method of transport

Aims of letter:

for catalogue and explanation Confirming advertisement in newspaper or magazine to ask info about the products, catalogue, pricelist, and sample of products.

General enquiry
Your Ref: The Sales Manager Stars Co Ltd 21 River Street SINGAPORE 213 MCM Dear Sir We should be glad to know whether you supply multi media projector suitable for high mobility, with price under $1000 per unit. We also require a high -speed printer. Please send us particulars of any models you recommend and can supply from stock Yours sincerely Kenneth Beare Director o Our Ref:CW/KB Date: October 23, 2007

A tabulated enquiry for info

Dear sirs During a recent visit to the Ideal Home Exhibition I saw a sample of your plastic tile flooring. This type of flooring would, I think, be suitable for the ground floor of my house, but I have not been able to find anyone who is familiar with it. Would you give me the following information: (1)What special preparation would be necessary for the under-flooring? (2)In what colours and designs can the tiles be supplied? (3)Are the tiles likely to be affected by by rising damp? (4)Would it be necessary to employ a specialist to lay the floor and, if so, can you recommend one? I shall appreciate your answers to these questions. Yours faithfully

A first enquiry (for textiles)

15th january 2009 Messrs Armstrong & Smith of Sheffield inform us that you are manufacturers of polyester cotton bed-sheets and pillow cases. We would like you to send us details of your various ranges, including sizes, colours, and prices, and also samples of the different qualities of material used. we are large dealers in textiles and believe there is a promising market in our area for moderately priced goods of the kind mentioned. When replying, please state terms of payment and discounts you would allow on purchases of quantities of not less than five hundred of individual items. Prices quoted should include delivery at the above address.

Inquiry from old customer

8th April 2009 Dear Sir Some years ago we bought from you a consignment of wrist watches in stainless steel cases, with unbreakable glass. We are interested to know whether you are still making watches of this type and, if so, should be glad to have particulars, including prices for quantities of not less than one hundred. We should require delivery within four weeks of order. Yours faithfully

General Enquiry Openings 1. please inform us (let us know) on what terms you can supply 2. we understand (inform us) that you are manufacturers of (dealers in)and should like to know whether you can supply 3. we have seen your advertisement inand shall be glad (obliged) if you will send us particulars of 4. We would like you to send us details of 5. we should appreciate further information (full particulars) about youradvertised in 6. Would you give me the following information: Endings 1. we hope we may hear from you (we look forward to hearing from you) very soon (within the next few days). 2. as the matter is urgent we should appreciate an early reply. 3. if you can supply goods of the type and quality requred, we may please regular orders for large quantities. 4. please send us 5. I shall appreciate your answers to these questions 6. When replying, please state terms of payment and discounts you would allow on purchases of quantities of 7. Prices quoted should include delivery at the above address.

Request for Catalogue

Openings 1. We are interested in /we have received an enquiry for/we have seen your advertisement in and should be glad (pleased, grateful, obliged) if you would send us your catalogue (price list, etc) 2. Please send us 3. We should be glad (grateful, obliged) if you would send us patterns and prices of your Endings 1. We wait your information with interest. 2. We should appreciate an early reply 3. When replying, please say when you could deliver 4. Please say whether you could supply the goods from stock as we need them urgently.


Special concession: special discounts or other advantages To the point: relating to the matter dealt with The appropriate quarter: the people concerned Demonstrate: to show how the machine works Subject to: reduced by Superseding: taking the place of something else Tabulated: arranged in list form Laid professionally: laid by an expert Individual items: items of one kind only Favourable comment: a few words of praise By separate post: by another post Craftsmanship: expert skill in making things Adjustment: alteration Standardized: made to the same size or patterns Routine requests: request of an everyday kind Prospective customers: persons who may be expected to buy Exaggerate: overstate A range: a representative collection On approval: for inspection, and return if not wanted Firm order: a definite order Trade references: names of traders who may be referred to Dispel any suspicion: to remove doubt Current demand: demand at the present time C.i.f (price includes cost, insurance and freight/transport ) The trade discount ex works : the amount is the cost of the goods only

Make an enquiry letter. You are a director of Hang Tuah Electronic store located on Jalan Sudirman no 100 Pekanbaru. You are interested to Classio Sharp Refrigerator advertised on TV. Write a letter to PT. Sharp Distribusindo in Jakarta, the distributor of Sharp Products. Ask about price list, catalogue, terms of payment, and discount.