1 Case Study-2 Case Study-3 Case Study-4 Loop Holes GROUP MEMBERS Aditya Shakti Ankur Basak Jayati Choksi Shruti Js Rahul Kakade Bhavesh Dhanesha Ankur Basak Karishma Rai .SR NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TOPIC Overview Cyber Crimes Cyber Appellate Tribunal Case Study.

 Meaning  Includes .

3. . Intellectual Property-Intellectual property is refers to creations of the human mind e. 4. a painting. a song. Digital signatures are one type of electronic signature. Electronic and Digital Signatures-Electronic signatures are used to authenticate electronic records.1.g. a story. hospitals. a design etc. Data Protection and Privacy-Data protection and privacy laws aim to achieve a fair balance between the privacy rights of the individual and the interests of data controllers such as banks. email service providers etc. 2. Cyber Crimes-Cyber crimes are unlawful acts where the computer is used either as a tool or a target or both.

5. Cyberspace offers enormous potential for anonymity to its members. Cyberspace offers never-seen-before economic efficiency. A software source code worth crores of rupees or a movie can be pirated across the globe within hours of their release. Cyberspace is absolutely open to participation by all. Electronic information has become the main object of cyber crime. 3.1. . Cyberspace is an intangible dimension that is impossible to govern and regulate using conventional law. 2. Cyberspace handles gigantic traffic volumes every second. 8. Cyberspace has complete disrespect for jurisdictional boundaries. 7. 6. 4.

 Cyber stalking  Hacking  Phishing  Cross site scripting  Vishing .

‘melissa’ and ‘lovebug’ virus  CYBER CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY e.g. CYBER CRIMES AGAINST PERSONS e.g.g. ‘Al-Qaeda’ . computer vandalism  CYBER CRIMES AGAINST GOVERNMENT e.

600 in 2010 to nearly $23.RECENT CYBER ATTACKS Google Hacks Sony Hack SEGA Electronic Arts Stuxnet IMF Hack UN Hack Social Network Study: Cyber Crime Costs Increase 56 Percent The average daily cost of attacks jumped from $17.000 in 2011 .


2000 Started functioning from October. Justice Rajesh Tandon .Established under Sec 48(1) of IT Act. 2006 Tribunal is headed by Hon’ble Mr.

Tampering with computer source documents (Sec 65) Hacking with computer system (Sec 66) Publishing of information which is obscene in electronic form (Sec 67) Power of Controller to give directions (Sec 68) Directions of Controller to a subscriber to extend facilities to decrypt information (Sec 69) .

OFFENCES Protected system (Sec 70) Penalty for misrepresentation (Sec 71) Penalty for breach of confidentiality and privacy (Sec 72) Penalty for publishing Digital Signature Certificate false in certain particulars (Sec 73) .

OFFENCES Publication for fraudulent purpose (Sec 74) To apply for offence or contravention committed outside India (Sec 75) Confiscation (Sec 76) Power to investigate offences (Sec 78) .


NASSCOM vs. Ajay Sood & Others  March 2005: Delhi High Court Two parties  Plaintiff: NASSCOM  Defendants: Ajay Sood & Others Phishing scam An illegal act of ‘Misrepresentation’ .

6 million was paid as compromise Reaffirms IP owners’ faith .CASE STUDY-1 Fraudulent e-mails sent through fictitious identities Defendants admitted their illegal act Rs 1.

COM • • • • • CEO Avinash Bajaj arrested in Dec 2004 Sale of CD with objectionable content Service Provider and content provider Section 139 (2) Section 140 (Exceptions) .CASE STUDY: BAZEE.

2001. One of the terrorists contained fake ID with a Government of India emblem and seal which was carefully detected by the forensics concluding that it as forged and made on the laptop. It contained several evidences that confirmed of the two terrorists’ motives. Several smart media storage disks and devices were recovered from a truck intercepted at Srinagar . who attacked Parliament on 13 December. The laptop was sent to Computer Forensics Division of BPRD after computer experts at Delhi failed to trace much out of its contents.• Parliament Attack Case • The Bureau of Police Research at Hyderabad analyzed and retrieved • • • • information from the laptop recovered from terrorist. namely the sticker of the Ministry of Home Affairs that they had made on the laptop and pasted on their ambassador car to gain entry into Parliament.

After some time the two broke up and the girl created fraudulent email ids such as “indianbarassociations” and sent emails to the boy’s foreign clients. •She used the banks computer to do this. The boy’s company lost a large number of clients and took the bank to court.•The Bank NSP Case •The Bank NSP case is the one where a management trainee of the bank was engaged to be married. •The couple exchanged many emails using the company computers. •The bank was held liable for the emails sent using the bank’s system. .

•The IT Act offers draconian powers of search and arrest to the police in any case of cybercrime.•The biggest concern about the new Indian cyber law relates to its practical significance. when it comes to implementation •Lacks Proper Intellectual Property Protection for Electronic Information and Data. . •The Act is also vague on provisions to deal with cyber harassment and cases related to privacy of an individual over the Internet. •The law does not talk about the difference between white hat n a black hat hacker.



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