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Poachers continue to poison waterholes or set steel wire snares to kill tigers and tiger prey. selling their skins and body parts for use in traditional Chinese medicine.Since 1900. the endangered tiger's habitat and numbers have been reduced by up to 95 per cent. .


 Bengal / Indian tiger  Indochinese tiger  Siberian / Amur tiger  South China tiger .

 Sumatran tiger  .The Bali tiger  The Caspian tiger  The Javan tiger .


do tigers. timber cutting. . and long grasses that have long been home to tigers disappear. too. In order to live in the wild. jungles. industrial expansion and hydroelectric dams push tigers into smaller and smaller areas of land.  Agricultural expansion. forests. and vegetation in which to hide. human settlement. animals to hunt. As the mountains. new roads. tigers need water to drink. so.

 Population –  Competition  Tiger .Human Conflict  THE TRADE IN TIGER PARTS .

and a growing sentiment that western medicine contains some shortcomings in treating illness. . in recent years there has been a resurgence in traditional practices fundamental to the history of Chinese society. In addition.The use of tiger parts in Chinese medicine is nothing new. but it has only been in recent years that the increase in the standard of living in southeast Asia has made these remedies available to most people. This has been fueled by cultural pride.

 The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) believes that at least one tiger is killed daily for its use in traditional Chinese medicine.  China. and Great Britain . the United States. Taiwan.  An increased demand for endangered tiger parts exists throughout the world. Japan. accounting for nearly half of its annual business. . South Korea. Hong Kong is the main importer of Chinese tiger products.

450 lb.)  Researchers and scientist believe poaching is alive and well despite many laws prohibiting the hunting and trade of endangered species.In Taiwan. Powdered tiger humerus bone (for treating ulcers rheumatism and typhoid) brings up to $1.  The bones of one tiger weigh approximately 10 kilograms (22 pounds). According to South Korean immigration statistics.994 kilograms (8787 pounds) of tiger bones from Indonesia between 1970 and 1993. a bowl of tiger penis soup (to boost virility) goes for $320. the country imported 3. . and a pair of eyes (to fight epilepsy and malaria) for $170. in Seoul.

Consuming tiger parts for medicinal purposes is not limited to Asia. Birmingham. craft shops and supermarkets in London. Manchester and Liverpool showed that half the shops sold products claiming to contain tiger bone Who is Supplying the Demand? . A recent World Wildlife Fund investigation in England of Chinese chemists.

hunting tigers is still legal. skins or organs at Hanoi airport. Tigers in Vietnam and Malaysia continue to be hunted as well. Even though China has participated as a member in the Convention on International Trade in (Endangered species). . (CITES) since 1981. the laws are widely ignored and it remains the primary destination for Indian tiger parts  Since China has almost eradicated its own tiger population it is now looking for a new supply of tigers from Bangladesh and Nepal.  In Burma. One can buy tiger bones.


 Most conservationists agree that strong protection of wildlife reserves has been the key to the endangered tiger's survival so far.  Captive Breeding  Alternative medicines  Laws and Support .

and continue to work with governments to preserve key tiger habitat and establish protective reserves Your financial and professional support for these efforts is vital if we are to save the wild tiger before the very last one is -. Animal experts are beginning to obtain field permits to survey and monitor tigers in politically and economically unstable countries. .gone.Wildlife conservation groups are actively working to reduce the economic and political impacts that threaten the lives of tigers.

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