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Roll-Top Technology

Presented By: DINESH SUTHAR Reg No. 3520920013 Guided By: Mrs. P. Ponveni

First Intro of Roll-Top What Roll-Top can do ? What Roll-Top cant do ? OLED Concepts How OLED works ? Future of OLED Technique Advantages & Disadvantages Conclusion

Roll-Top with first Intro

Since the first introduction of this technology Roll top have received: - More then 35,00000 views on YouTube - More than 20,000 comments - More than 35 publications around the world: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, China, Japan, USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Russia etc.

Roll-Top Initial Journey

News In March 2011 Roll top presentation on the next McKinsey & Companys meeting for senior executives in global organizations in and outside of North America.
13.02.2011 Roll top presentation on a Revolution TV program on Japan TBS TV. In January 2011 An article about Roll top published in January issue of Woman Magazine Spain.

October 22-25.10.2010
Roll top concept presentation on industrial fair 2010 in Tunis

What Roll-Top can do for you ?

The Roll-top is the best dream of flexible screen, and a screen serving as a multi touch keyboard. The Roll-top foldable notebook is completely different from any other notebook concept. Most of the components for the Roll-top already exist within the modern day designs such as the main board, processor, memory (flash), working memory, etc. It provides all possible facilities as a Normal Laptop or PC provides.

What Roll-Top cant do for you ?

The Roll-top does not have a CD/DVD reader or Floppy disc Because Roll-top are obsolete. Other components, such as the loudspeaker, Internet, web cam, USB ports and power supply are based in the cylinder in which the screen would roll around Lastly, due to the New available technology, the design is very compact and possesses a completely new outlook.

OLED Concepts
The Roll-tops success hinges on the utilization of OLED Technology, or organic light emitting diode. This technology would be the main component of the laptops monitor. It is tough, flexible and energy saving. All these qualities are very important .
Flexible to roll it, tough to draw on it, and energy saving to have a smaller battery than what is already being implemented For Orkin to develop and produce his Roll-top design, he needs the capacity of a big company such as Panasonic, Samsung and Dell. He has had a lot of inquires and believes it can be a huge success once it starts rolling.

What is OLED ?
OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The "organic" in OLED refers to organic material. Carbon is the basis of all organic matter. Examples of carbon-based substances include sugar, wood and the majority of plastics. The "LED" stands for "Light Emitting Diode" and describes the process of converting electric energy into light. There are two types of OLEDs small molecule OLED and polymer OLED. Sony uses the small molecule type because it has a longer lifespan.

How OLEDs works ?

A Layer of organic material is sandwiched between two conductors (an anode and a cathode), which in turn are sandwiched between a glass top plate (seal) and a glass bottom plate (substrate). When electric Current is applied to the two conductors, a bright, electro-luminescent light is produced directly from the organic material.

Comparison Summary
Advantages OLED E-Ink SED
Can be printed on flexible substrates Low power Large viewing angle Very low power (switching only) Can be printed on flexible substrates

Short lifetime Currently expensive Very susceptible to water damage Currently expensive Slow response time

CRT picture quality LCD width

CRT picture quality LCD width Easy to produce large screens

Subject to burn-in Patent issues slowing production

Subject to burn-in Currently expensive Rainbow effect Extremely small viewing angle


Low production cost Extremely long lifetime High contrast ratio

OLED Advantages & Disadvantages

Can be printed onto a wide variety of substrates
Can be made using plastic screens; LCDs require glass backing

Low power requirements

No backlight required No polarization filters necessary; no wasted light Off pixels consume no power

Faster response time than LCDs Larger field of view than LCDs; up to 170 degrees

Short lifetime (<1000 hours for blue OLEDs) Currently, manufacturing is more expensive than LCDs More susceptible to water damage than LCDs

Future of OLED Technology

The OLED market is predicted to hit $10.9 billion by 2012 and grow to $15.5 billion two years later, according to a report released from research firm Nano Markets. The market is expected to reach $1.4 billion this year.
Kodak was one of the first to develop a specific kind of OLED technology. Now companies like Sony are touting OLEDs as the next big thing in flat-screen televisions.

OLED displays require no backlighting, as LCDs (liquid crystal displays) do. In fact, OLEDs, which promise to be more energy-efficient.

One, the Roll-top combines the laptop, monitor and graphic tables without any problem (such as small display in monitor modus or fold on screen in graphic tablet modus). Secondly, the Roll-top is an all-in-one gadget that integrates the power supply, loud speaker, laptop bag and mouse into one. You dont have to carry extra accessories. Lastly, due to the new available technology, the design is very compact and possesses a completely new outlook.

The only drawback I could see would be if the Roll-Top could make it through as an all-weather carry-on. Extreme temperatures are known to have an effect on electronic parts.
Id like to think that the Roll-Top would also get rid of owners having to buy pricey water-proof cases though. The organic compounds used in OLED displays are to blame for this short life. we can expect that in the future the OLED Display lifespan will be just as long.

Roll-Tops Intentions
Our primary intention was to demonstrate our vision and concept to people and get feedback. Overwhelmed with emotions of people, their feedback and wishes to see the real product on the market, we have decided to start this project.

Our primary objective is to realize our vision and concept Roll top and to bring it to the people in the next step.

Partnership / Investor
If you want to be a co-partner / investor, please write to us! Technology
If you have any information regarding certain electronic components (e.g. OLEDs) which could be used in Roll top, or you manufacture them, please let us know! Help / Donation

If you want to see a real product, we would really appreciate any help and donation from your side!

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