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predictably and freely as possible. • • Essentially. • The goal of WTO is to help producers of goods and services.About WTO The World Trade Organization is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. exporters. negotiated and signedClick to editbulk of the world’s trading nations and by the Master subtitle style ratified in their parliaments. • Its main function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly. 4/15/12 the WTO is a place where 153 member . • As its heart are the WTO agreements. and importers to conduct their businesses.

Issues: This conference examined issues related to the work of the WTO's first two years of activity. Information Technology.WTO Ministerial Conference of 1996 The World Trade Organisation’s Ministerial Conference of 1996 was held in Singapore on 9 . 1996. 1995. 120 member and bilateral business Click countries participated in this conference. The Conference was the first since the WTO entered into force on 1 January. plurilateral to edit Master subtitle style sessions.13 Dec. • Implementation issues of Agreements on Agriculture . of Singapore at the Singapore International Convection and Exhibition Centre in Suntec City. 4/15/12 Textiles. • . It included plenary meetings and various multilateral. The event was hosted by the govt.

• • ‘Information Technology Agreement’ Working Groups on Trade & Investment. 4/15/12 . Trade & Competition. Investment and Competition policy. and challenges of an evolving world Address the economy. • Click to edit Outcomes: Master subtitle style Conclusion of was made. Government procurement.Core labor standards.Discussions on controversial issues . Government Procurement (these are generally termed as Singapore issues). • • Examine developments in world trade.

However. On that occasion. 1998 was also a year dominated by the global financial crisis.WTO Ministerial Conference of 1998 The second ministerial conference of the World Trade Organisation was held in Geneva. a significant number of governments raised the matter and since that meeting the issue has been on the agenda of the General Council and its subsidiary bodies. 1998. the World Trade organisation also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the multilateral trading system. of which the damaging and destabilising effects has been felt. Issues: At the WTO’s second Ministerial Conference in Geneva in 1998. Swizerland between 18 and 20 May. Some other issues were: 4/15/12 . 130 member edit Master subtitle style Click to countries participated in this conference.

• Issues on Implementation of Electronic Commerce. who are spreading the liberalization movement. and to new issues being pushed onto the WTO. paved the way for their WTO Ambassadors to prepare for more significant negotiations in the next 18 months that could lead to further liberalization. • Outcomes: The outcome of the Second Ministerial Conference of the WTO (Geneva. through their mainstyle Click to edit Master subtitle Declaration. This result was very much in line with the plan of Northern countries. 18-20 May 1998) was that the Ministers. • 4/15/12 .How to advocate the advantages of a open trading system which will pave the way for better living standards .

over the course of four days. convened at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle. 132 member countries participated in this conference. USA. Washington.WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 The WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 was a meeting of the World Trade Organization. 1999. which was the Programme on new round of negotiations. • 4/15/12 . beginning November 29. Click Issues: to edit Master subtitle style The focus of the Conference was a decision on launching of the so-called “New Rounds” .

4/15/12 • . and many other subjects like Core Labor Standards. the launching of the new round was frozen and the Ministerial Declaration was not issued. and It was decided that the discussion is suspended and will resume. talks Suspended.Other development issues were also included in this conference intellectual property protection. • • days meeting did not reach any Click to edit Master subtitle style Huge demonstration against New Round. • Outcomes: The four conclusion.At the same time.

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