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Nashville Gun Club

1890 to 2008 Thanks To: Bill Brackman Harry Wolberg Billy Vaughan Edgar Ragsdale Terry Hetrick

C. C. Alcorn
Will Morrison, Jr Compiled by: Bob Pierce

This is a work in progress

If you have pictures or articles you would like to have included in the Nashville Gun Club

scrapbook please let me know

Bob Pierce

1929 State Trap Shoot Nashville

Chris Trundle

1st and to this date only 25 Straight Scrap

Wendell Cherry
2003 US OPEN Champion

West Nashville Lyman? C M Crow Henry Brackman Jr

1934 Mrs.. Richard Duncan, John Noel and W H Sedberry


Sandra James

Mop Swindle

First Trap Shot on New Fields 1994

Steve Williams

Bob Pierce

1986 12:02 am
Last Shot Fired at Airport Location

Bobby Pierce
Bob Pierce Sam Jennings Tom LaCroix

2003 Boy Scout Shoot

2003 Boy Scout Shoot

1960 Grand American

Albert Menefee, Russell Dorris, Kay Sheppard, Hugh Midget, ????, and Joe Nevins

Joe Nevins, Dick Lamonte, Albert Menefee and Tom Phillips

1986 Last Day at Airport Location

Sara Warf Ed Ragsdale

Bud Warf
Walter Vaughan and Others

1986 Last Day at Airport Location

Weng-Teh Lin

Sam Jennings

1986 Last Day at Airport Location

Emily Cox

Jeanette Rudy

1986 Last Day at Airport Location

Bud Warf

Harry Wolberg

Will Morrison

Neil Quinn

Active skeet shooter at Airport

1965 State Skeet


Tommy Vaughn
Billy Vaughan Walter Vaughn

Harry Wolberg

1974 State Skeet Shoot

NGC Airport

Judy Swendle

Lowell Hill

1974 State Skeet Shoot

NGC Airport

Charlie Morrison 2003 Grand American Doubles Champion

1974 State Skeet Shoot

Sandra James

1932 Southern Open Nashville Gun Phil Miller and

Ed Luyben tied with 198

1932 Southern Zone Trap Shoot

John Noel

H.D. Ed Tom Gibbs SnowdenLuyben

Phil Miller

1940 -Harris Sanders, John E. Cain and Carolyn Elliott

1950 shooters ready for State Trap Shoot Nashville Gun Club

R H Walker, W F Berry, C M Crow, C B Grisham, Henry Brackman Jr

1955 Class Champions TN State Trap Shoot

1961 State Trap Shoot

Jeanette Rudy Ladys 16yd Champion

D E Baker

16 yd Class D

2003 State Trap Shoot Last State Trap Shoot at Henry Horton Club

Eddie Allison

Billy Vaughan
???????? ???????? Charlie Griffin

Billy Vaughan, Eddie Allison, Charlie Griffin

Doc Haines, Steve Williams and Ed Payne

Don Smith Wayne Mayes ?????

Kline Trap at West Nashville Club

C M Crow

Class B Champ

Fall of 2002

Brian Bellamys Students

1998 Louise Mandrel Shoot View of vender row

Henry Brackman Sr

Watching the shooters - did we get his ticket??

Don Caseys 75,000 Registered Target shot at Nashville

Fall of 2001

John Dobbs receiving 25,000 16 yd Target Pin from Steve Williams September 2003

Shocky PPool

Presented by
The Peters Company Cin Ohio

Old Hickory Gun Club 1907 Champion Won by Frank Legler

Jack Wright, Harry Williams, Mrs Williams and ???? State Trap Shoot 195?

Nashville Gun Club on Gun Club Road in West Nashville - the gate post can still be seen across from Belle Meade Mansion

Laflin and Rand Trophy 1905 won by Frank Legler At

Spring Hill Tennessee

July 4th

1999 Iron Man

Ray Bell

Glen Yates

Airport before Skeet Fields were built

Tennessee Trap Shooting Hall of Fame inductee

Boyd Duncan
accepted by his Daughter

Wendell Cherry Wins Nationals

Bill Brackman

TN State Handicap Champion

Holding the LeCompte-Noel Challenge Trophy

T J Klay and Roy

West Nashville location

When Pull meant Pull!!!!!

Hugh Midgett and Horce Day

Bob Stiber did many newspaper articles on the Nashville Gun Club in the 70s and 80s

Award Henry Brackman, Sr.

TN State Trap Shoot Knoxville


Fred Alford And Henry Brackman, Jr.

Who are these Shooters?

Airport location

I had been told, You shot under it, over it, behind it and in front of it. I guess they were all right!!!

DU Shoot 2003

8-20-1953 Grand American Henry Brackman, John E. Cain, C M Crow, C J Hofstetter, Bill Brackman, Henry Brackman Jr


H G Payne, C J Cochran, C J Hofstetter, W J Donoho, Bill Brackman

Ed Payne

Billy Vaughn and Janette Rudy


1973 All Womens Skeet Squad


W.O. Bill LeCompte Remington Rep

2000 TN State Trap Shoot Horton State Park Brian Bellamy 16 yard State Champion

And His Coach

1952 State Trap Shoot Nashville Gun Club Ed Ryan, Maysville Ky Ed Luyben, Nashville
Doubles and All Round Champion

Ed Grlington, Atlanta

Billy Johnson, Knoxville

16 yard and Handicap Champion

1974 State Skeet Shoot Nashville Gun Club - Airport

1952 State Trap Shoot

1920 West Nashville Gun Club

At the pegs

1950 Tennessee State Trap Shoot Nashville Gun Club

John Ed Cain was 16yd Champion Mrs. Chilton of Knoxville was High Lady

Held at Nashville Gun Club off Harding Road

Lowell Hill 2006 Manager

Shoot for The Future Shoot for the Future 2007


State Trap Shoot NGC off Harding Road

Lillian Ralls, Mrs.. Clyde King, Jr.. and Mrs. Joe Chilton

Mrs.. King Broke 100 for Class B Champion

Tarp and Skeet NGC Club Champions

Harding Road Site

First Registered Shoot Since 1942

John Cain, Henry Brackman Sr.., G.H. Elliott and W.F. Berry

1932 Southern Open Trap Shoot Nashville Gun Club

Phil Miller of Indiana and Ed Luyben of Nashville Tie with 198

1958 State Shoot Nashville Gun Club

1961 Will Morrison Big Winner in State Shoot at Nashville gets a kiss from wife Jean

Bobby Cagle and Tom Malloy at the OKOBOJI Indians Banquet 2003

Jackson Pierce Mayo with his first shotgun

Daisy full and full with custom stock work