Korean Pottery

The Korean Pottery
• 10,000 to 6,000 years ago, the mankind started to make a earthenware and use them. • In Korea, they have used earthen ware from 7~8,000years ago-the New Stone Age.

The Korean Pottery
• Earlier times:
– pottery firing temperature is at 1,100 degrees – In countries:
• • • • Korea China and Vietnam pottery in firing temperature at 1,300 degrees.

The Korean Pottery
• 9th century: Silla times
– They have had great opportunity of trade with China – Accepted manufacturing technology of Celadon
• The celadon that has started made in the unity Silla times and developed. And it was the most beautiful celadon as Chinese said " The Koryo` s celadon is wonderful."

The Korean Pottery
• The celadon of Koryo dynasty was splendid and elegant because it is influenced by Buddhism and nobles.

The Korean Pottery
• In China, jade signifies the true gentleman, wealth and honor. • It also has religious value, guaranteeing life after death and warding off demons. • Therefore jade was popular for use in objects enclosed in tombs.

• Artisans tried to create jade from clay, and the result was the pottery known in the West as Celadon First produced in China in the Three Kingdoms and the Warring Kingdoms periods. In Korea, Chinese celadon pottery has been found in tombs dating from the 4-6th centuries, suggesting that the royal family of the period imported celadon from China as a substitute for jade.

• •

The Korean Pottery
• Celadon disappeared from the end of Koryo dynasty. • In the course of from celadon to white ware,there is the stone ware pottery known as "PunChong.", is very characteristic and wonderful in 15th century of Korea.


• This characteristic PunChong stone ware went to Japan during Korea and Japan war in 16th century and it became a staring point of developing of pottery in Japan.

The Korean Pottery
• At that time of Japan , they have used earthen ware ,because they could not produced pottery. When Japan invaded Korea in the 1590s, Japanese called the " Pottery war "and they took many Korean potters back to Japan.

The Korean Pottery
• Among these potters, there was one potter who named "Yi SamPyong." And Japanese called him the father of pottery in Japan. • As a result of Korea and Japan war, PunChong ware almost completely disappeared from Korea, due to the lack of potters, the destruction of kilns.

The Korean Pottery
• The Choson in 17th century, the whiteclad Korea, they produced the white ware has its own purity, chastity and modesty. • The white ware was loved by classical scholars of Choson and it developed industrial arts with humor and witin elegance.

White Ware
• Celadon passed from favor and was inevitably replaced by white porcelain. • This process began in China in the 14th century. • At the same time in Korea, white pottery began to replace silverware in the households of the new royal family. • As they followed Confucian precepts and tried to discover reality simply and soberly.

The Korean Pottery
• The Korean pottery, by base of good natural disposition, has clear and characteristic, the shape is healthy and live. • The Korean potters lived in deep recesses of mountains and content to be part of nature, one with nature. • They find the beauty in simple colors and liberal molding . • They accomplished characteristic pottery arts in this beauty.

The Korean Pottery

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