Nervous tissue Ref.

: Basic Histology Chapter 9

Cellular elements Neuron Neuroglia

Structure of neuron

Nissl bodies Euchromatic nucleus, prominent nucleolus

Grey Matter, White matter of the CNS

Neuroglia of CNS: 1) Astrocytes

Shape, function

2) Microglia

3) Oligodendrocytes

4) Ependymal cell

Neuroglia of the PNS: 1) Satellite cell

2) Schwann cell

2) Schwann cell





. Peripheral Nerve -Osmium Stain, High Mag •
This is a longitudinal section through a peripheral nerve including its heavily myelinated axons (MA). Osmium stains the lipid component of myelin black; axons are unstained. Myelin is formed by Schwann cells which are not readily observed with this stain. However, nodes of Ranvier (N), regions where a gap exists between the myelin of adjacent Schwann cells are prominent.

Peripheral nervous system Peripheral nerve: P e

Ganglia: 2) Sensory or spinal root ganglia location, type of neuron

2) Autonomic ganglia: a) Parasympathatic

b) Sympathatic

Peripheral nerve degeneration and regeneration Page: 179

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