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HR functions have no parameters to show their contributions 43% of HR’s impact on business performance came from its strategic contribution. quality & productivity.  Intangible assets represent the hidden value of the firm. . Functions of HR linked with strategic intent of organizations ◦ Management of human capital ◦ Development of human capital ◦ Retention of human capital ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Recruiting expense Turnover Training Workforce deployment Compensation  Major challenges that HR face are :    HR also contributes to the organization's service .

CSR. culture Balance score card for HR Tobin Q – uses Human capital index to check organization’s HR health Saratoga Metric – Administrative. Total compensation. commitment.locates key gaps in company’s alignments    Human capital Measurement – head count change. employee relations. management and staffing Organizational Capabilities Index (OCI) . compensation. benefits. IT.   HRD audit – assessment of competence. training and development .

Deals with HR metrics and cost per hire Operational perspective does not provide analytics which are necessary to push the HR function. Bridges the gap between HRM strategy and organizational strategy.   .

Fundamental Objective • Total customer Satisfaction Key Belief • Customer is centre of world Key Goal of HR • To be the employer of choice Key Elements • Customer • Process • Employees Key Initiatives .

BB Champions •Is responsible for coordinating a business roadmap to achieve 6σ projects. Brings the broad organization up to the required 6σ competency level Black belt •Is a leader of teams implementing the 6σ methodology on projects. typically in the context of his or her existing responsibilities. Uses more sophisticated statistical tools to help team members and the broader organization Green Belts •Delivers successful focused projects using the 6σ methodology and tools Quality Programs •Participates on the project teams. and alleviates roadblocks for the 6σ projects in his or her area of responsibility Master Black belt •Is mentor. Is expected to continue to utilize learned methodology and tools as part of his/her normal job . Supports the goals of the project. executes control.Mgmt. trainer and coach of Black Belts and others in the organization.

Organized around individual projects & finite timelines Define Measurement Analysis Improvement Controlling •Identification and prioritization of services provided •Capability of the process and opportunities of defect and improvement measured •When and where defects occur •Identifying root causes of the problem and improving •Institutionalization of the improvement .

Cost Concern • Controlling the Inputs that control measures • Pareto . Voice of customer and hypothesis testing • Pareto Chart Benchmarking • Expense record • Primary metric • Secondary Metric Define Measurement Analysis • Prioritization of root causes • Institutionalization of the Improvement • Impact of each counter measure • Modus Operandi of implementation Improvement Controlling .• Problem Identification and Prioritization • Voice of customer • Critical to Quality Questions.

 Training was better aligned with organizational requirements Faster and better services in compensation and backend activities $1 m savings through six sigma initiatives in HR 14% rise in internal customer satisfaction level    .

 Image of HR Dept. Delay in salary processing   Non adequate bench strength Mistakes in headcount Lack of vision in terms of objective data   .

identification and removal of root causes of process fault Common Approach to project management Overcome resistance on technical. Streamlined. organizational and personal level Encourage reward system for six sigma implementation     . reliable information gathering and retrieval systems required Selection of right project.

Advantages     Image of HR got changed Process and Speed improvements Positive outcome of internal customer satisfaction surveys Financial cost savings within HR Disadvantages       Too statistically oriented Requires a large investment Misses the big picture Can be focused on small projects mainly Higher variance in customer requirements noticed It is difficult to define scope .

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