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Global Warming The Greatest Environmental Global Warming Threat !!!

The Greatest Environmental

Threat !!!

What is Global warming The Causes The Effects How Can We Stop Global Warming? Need For Controlling Global Warming Conclusion

What is global warming?

Rise in earths temperature Caused by too much carbon dioxide

Results from changes in the natural environment

What causes global warming?The Green house Effect

Green House GasesGases composed of molecules that absorb and radiate infrared radiation from the sun.

Eg . Carbon dioxide (burning fossil fuels, deforestation) CFCs(Chlorofluorocarbons)-(refrigerants, aerosols,

propellants, solvents)

Methane-(animal waste,biomass burning ,fossil fuels,

livestock,rice paddles,sewage)

Nitrous Oxide-(biomass burning, deforestation,burning fossil

fuels,microbial activity on fertilizers)

What causes global warming?-

The Green house Effect

Greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFCs) trap heat in the earths atmosphere.

Greenhouse Greenhouse gases in gases in atmosphere atmosphere

Solar energy passes through

Some radiations escape the atmosphere

Radiant heat is trapped

Example of the Greenhouse Effect

The Suns energy passes through the cars windshield.

This energy (heat) is trapped inside the car and cannot pass back through the windshield, causing the inside of the car to warm up.

CO2: The Most Significant Greenhouse Pollutant

Burning carbon-containing fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide

Effects of Global Warming

Increased Occurrence Of Volcanic Activity

Increased Occurrence Of Tsunamis

Intense Cold Waves

Effects of Global Warming

Loss Of Bio diversity And Animal Extinction

Deaths by Smog

Increased Outbreaks Of Deadly Diseases

Effects of Global Warming

Diminished Food And Water Supplies


Death Of Ocean Life

How Can We Stop Global Warming?

Conserve Energy

Consume Energy Efficiently Use Renewable Energy

Strict Legislative Acts

Steps To Conserve Energy

Walk, bike, ride public transit, or carpool

Make sure your tires are fully inflated and

your car tuned up Lower your water heater thermostat

Don't preheat your oven

Unplug appliances not in use Turn off lights when leaving a room

Use recycled paper

Reuse or recycle as much as you can

Steps To Consume Energy Efficiently

Replace incandescent lights with fluorescents
Replace your appliances with energy star rated appliances Buy a hybrid car/high mileage cars Reduce your homes heat and energy loses

Renewable Sources Of Energy

Wind Solar

Hydro electric
Geothermal Biofuels

Strict Legislative Acts

Strict Laws need to be enacted to reduce pollution by the individuals or the industrial houses.

Pollution due to vehicular traffic needs to be stictly controlled Violators should be firmly dealt with

The Japan Tsunami and Earthquake-2011

Stop Global Warming!! Avoid Natural Disasters!!

Why Global Warming Needs To 2100 Be Controlled?

If nothing is done to slow greenhouse gas emissions. . .

CO2 concentrations Global average

will likely be more than 700 ppm by 2100 temperatures projected to increase between 2.5 - 10.4F
Source: OSTP

What can happen if we dont produce less CO2 ?

Temperatures will get warmer. Glaciers will melt, ice sheets in Artic will melt (Polar Bears hunt on ice sheets) Sea levels will rise. More droughts in dry areas and more rain and snow in wet areas. More violent weather around the world.

Global Warming Needs to be controlled at the earliest to avoid Natural Calamities. Sincere Efforts are required at the earliest to make this earth more safe and healthy place to live in !!!

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