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Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited (ITC).

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ITC. Touching your life. Everyday

• ITC Limited which previously stood for ‘Imperial Tobacco Company one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalization of nearly US $ 18 billion and a turnover of over US $ 4.75 billion. • ITC's diversified status originates from its corporate strategy aimed at creating multiple drivers of growth anchored on its time-tested core competencies: unmatched distribution reach, superior brand-building capabilities, effective supply chain management and acknowledged service skills in hoteliering. • continues in its traditional businesses of Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards, Packaging and Agri-Exports, it is gaining market share in its nascent businesses of Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Branded Apparel and Greeting Cards.
ITC. Touching your life. Everyday

• ITC's wholly owned Information Technology subsidiary, ITC InfoTech India Limited, is pursuing emerging opportunities in providing end-to-end IT solutions, including e-enabled services and business process outsourcing.

• ITC's Agri-Business is one of India's largest exporters of agricultural products. • ITC's Agri-Business is one of India's largest exporters of agricultural products.

ITC. Touching your life. Everyday

Branded Apparel Hotel Stationery Cigarette s Package d Foods Incense Sticks Paperbo ards Personal Care Informat ion Technolo gy Safety Matches Agricult ural Industry ITC. Touching your life. Everyday .

Touching your life.Strategy of Organisation to manage diversity of Portfolio Formal 3-tiered governance structure:  Board of Directors :  Comprising executive (4) and non-executive directors (11)  Strategic supervision  Corporate Management Committee :  Comprising executive directors and senior managers  Strategic management  Divisional Chief Executive & Divisional Management Committee :  Executive management ITC. Everyday .

H Khan. Basudev Sen Key persons • Kurush N Grant. H. S.s.B Ramanujam.Kaul.G. B Vijayraghwan. Touching your life. Anthony .B. Powell.vaidyanath Non Executive Director Anil Baijal. R.C Deweshwar Executive Director Anup Singh K.K Mehrotra.V Ramaswamy. D.Mathur. R Tandon ITC. Everyday of tobacco . P. Hemant Malik. T.Board of directors Chairman Y.K.

Everyday . • Mission: To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalizing environment. creating growing value for the Indian economy and the Company’s stakeholders.VISION & MISSION • Vision: Sustain ITC’s position as one of India’s most valuable corporations through world class performance. Touching your life. delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value. ITC.

high-performance organisation • Customer Focus we are always customer focused and will deliver what the customer needs in terms of value. Touching your life.Values • ITC's Core Values are aimed at developing a customer-focused. quality and satisfaction. Everyday . . ITC.

people partnerships – bringing together community. is the spirit of ITC’s rural development initiatives.ENDURING VALUE • Expressing concern and desire to help. convert old relationships into new partnerships. Touching your life. put on the ground solutions that bring lasting benefits to society. Everyday . A social mission reaching out to join hands. • . • ITC regards corporations as critical tools of social development. government and business– as the only sustainable basis for social sector and infrastructure development. and considers public .private . ITC.

6. ITC's Sustainable Community Development initiatives include women empowerment. integrated animal husbandry programmes. Social ITC's businesses generate livelihoods for over 5 million people. The first ITC Sangeet Sammelan showcasinglife. 3. 2. 3. 5.000 hectares of dry lands and moisture-stressed areas. ITC's Watershed Development Initiative brings precious water to nearly 35.Corporate Social Responsibility •Environmental 1. supplementary education. ITC has been Carbon Positive 3 years in a row. 100% solid waste recycling • 1. ITC's globally recognised e-Choupal initiative is the world's largest rural digital infrastructure benefiting over 4 million farming families. 4. 2. EverydayIndian classical music was held in ITC. Water Positive 6years in a row. ITC's Social and Farm Forestry initiative has greened over 80. Touching your the best in Delhi in 1971 .000 hectares creating an estimated 35 million person days of employment among the disadvantaged.

Touching your life. ITC has assisted nearly 2. improve productivity and quality Over 8 years. adopt soil and water management practices. Everyday ITC offers facilitation to farmers to form agribusiness societies. apply superior farming methods to improve quality and quantity of farm yields.000 mothers-at-risk and children below 5 Women join their ITC supported self-help cow artificially inseminated at ITC’s cattle development centre ITC assists rural families to construct low cost sanitary units for their homes develop water and forest resources to enhance soil fertility.700 families to construct their own sanitary units.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Healthcare services have been provided to over 45. the teachers at village ITC Supplementary Learning Centre persuaded parents to send children to evening coaching classes at the Centre ITC. pool knowledge and resources. .


Touching your life.FMCG ITC. Everyday .

Packaging • ITC's Packaging & Printing Business is the largest value added converter of paperboard packaging in South Asia. Colgate Palmolive. . Agio Cigars. Tata Tea.etc • • • • • Product Lines ITC's Packaging Business has 3 major product lines Carton Board Packaging Flexible Packaging Tobacco Packaging ITC Packaging has also pioneered offering of Green Packaging which includes usage of raw material from sustainable sources and converting it in a facility which is 100% powered by renewable WIND ENERGY. Tata Tetley. Reckitt Benckiser. British American Tobacco. Radico Khaitan. Pernod Ricard. • Its client list includes several well-known national and international companies like Nokia. Philip Morris International. UB Group. Diageo.


pens. . pencils. erasers and sharpners. mechanical pencils. Classmate became the largest Notebook brand in the country. math instruments. . The papers used in Classmate and Paperkraft notebooks are superior in quality and environment-friendly. Classmate papers are safe and certified non-toxic. Classmate added new products to its portfolio which now consists of notebooks.CLASSMATE-an ITC product • • • • ITC launched its Classmate brand in 2003 with the notebooks category By 2007.





• • • • Paperkraft is the lead provider of all premium executive stationery needs. The Paperkraft range of products aims at satisfying the stationery and office consumables needs of office executives and working professionals. The current Paperkraft portfolio includes Premium Business Paper, Paper Stationery, Markers and Highlighters. Paperkraft Premium Business Paper • Paperkraft Paper Stationery

Paperkraft Markers

Introduction •ITC Welcomgroup. with the opening of its first hotel Chola Sheraton in Chennai •Over 100 hotels in more than 80 destinations •Second largest hotel chain in India •The group today operates under several distinct brands: ITC . DumPukht and Kebabs & Kurries are well known cuisine brands today.Luxury Collection Hotels WelcomHotel Sheraton Hotels Fortune Hotels. India's premier chain of luxury hotels was launched on October 18. Peshawari. . which has 54 hotels with 4446 rooms in 41 cities across India Welcome group of Heritage Hotels •Its restaurants Bukhara. 1975. Dakshin.

water positive and solid waste recycling positive. . •This recognition makes it the world’s largest platinum rated hotel and is yet another manifestation of ITC’s leadership in Sustainability Practices •It is the only company in the world to be carbon positive. the ITC Hotel Royal Gardenia was conferred the highest rating for green buildings in the world –the LEED India Platinum Rating.Achievements •ITC’s new luxury hotel in Bengaluru.

requiring an additional 50. Company’s hotels business posted a 9% decline in Net Revenues during the year though the business maintained its leadership position in terms of operating efficiency The chairman is still hopeful about investing in this sector because The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that the Indian travel and tourism industry will grow at 12% annually until 2019.000 rooms over the next 2 to 3 years • • • . the swine-flu pandemic and the general squeeze on corporate travel combined to adversely affect the performance of the Indian hotel industry during the year 2010 The impact was particularly severe during the first half with occupancies and average room rates witnessing steep declines Given the adverse business environment.• Reports on Itc Hotels for the attack in Mumbai in year 2010 The aftermath of the terrorist November 2008.

It may be noted that the hotel division of ITC has a turnover of over Rs 1.000 crore. the ITC Maratha. It will be part of ITC's strategy to de-risk the hotel business as hospitality is highly seasonal business. Bengaluru.000 square feet of luxury retail space). Most of the new mega hotel projects of the company will have luxury retail space and service apartments. solar energy is being used to produce steam at the ITC Maurya. Construction activity of the new super luxury properties at Chennai and Kolkata are progressing satisfactorily In pursuit of Company’s ‘Triple Bottom Line' objectives. The company would introduce the new business model in ITC Grand Chola in Chennai(40. Future Plan of Action • • • . is foraying into retail mall and service apartments. New Delhi and the ITC Royal Gardenia. the business has and will be investing in wind energy to provide clean power to its Mumbai property.• The company is planning to invest $2 billion in hospitality business in next few years which is one of the thrust areas for investment of ITC along with FMCG and paper. ITC Hotels . Additionally.

Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI). Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Travel. •ITC Infotech's leadership capabilities also accrue from business critical engagements with leading organisations across five continents. SA8000 is widely accepted as the most viable and comprehensive international workplace management system. Touching your life. Manufacturing.ITC info-tech •Formed in 2000. •The company services industries including. •This section also aims at the motive of people first and has got many awards and recognition nder its belt. •The company became the first Indian IT company to receive the prestigious Social Accountability (SA) 8000:2008 certification. Life Sciences and Transportation & Logistics. and a service delivery footprint spanning over 140 countries. Engineering Services. ITC. Media & Entertainment. ITC Infotech has today carved a niche for itself in the arena of global IT services and solutions. Hospitality. Retail. Everyday .



Agri business. Everyday . Stars Hotels Paperboards/ Packaging. Cows FMCG-Cigarettes ? FMCG.The BCG Matrix for ITC Ltd.Others ITC Infotech Dogs •Branded apparel •Packaged foods ITC. Touching your life.

BCG Matrix Question mark •Agri Business •Hotels •Paperboards & Packaging •FMCG-Foods G R O W T H Dog •FMCGCigarettes •ITC Infotech MARKET SHARE .ITC Ltd .

Changing attitudes towards tobacco May 31 is no tobacco day Change in life style TECHNICAL • • • • State-of-the-art factories Cheap labour supply Development of IQMS ITC. Touching your life. 6 sigma .H. KSS.TQM.O. 5 S. Everyday Adapting other concepts like QC.Pest analysis POLITIC AL • • • • • • Huge burden of VAT Excise duty raised by union budget by 5 % Ban on communication Luxury tax in 10 states Smuggling 100% FDI allowed ECONO MICAL • Bidee : cigarette ratio-10:1 • Profit margin is high • Other forms of cheap tobacco intake SOCIO CULTUR AL • • • • • Becoming status symbol Companions mounted by W.

Touching your life.000 cr and ITC has lion’s share in it •Strong brand recognition and product portfolio •Distribution network •Management Opportunity •Low per capita consumption Of personal care products •Rural Market •E-Choupal • Filter cigarette segment of less than 60mm size Weakness •Dependence on tobacco revenues • Negative Connection of Tobacco Threat •Competition both Domestic & International •Increasing Tax on cigarettes •Excise duty on unfiltered cigarettes less than 60mm in length was increased 387% last year •Hike was 142% for those between 61mm and 70mm long. Everyday .SWOT Analysis Strength •Cigarette market is 22. •Regulatory restrictions on cigarettes •Ban on smoking ITC.

it & hotels segments Agri-export segment showing excellent growth of 28 % 6. 3. 2. Wealth of local knowledge & international expertise helps it to be globally competitive. 5.STRENGTHS 1. High quality standard products & services Excellent export earnings ITC used its experience of transporting and distributing tobacco products to remote and distant parts of India to the advantage of its FMCG products Excellent brand making capability helping it to diversify it into retailing . 7. Itc has 105 subsidiaries connected with its various operations. 4. . Managing diverse business.

Diversification into various lines which are unrelated 2. . High competition from established brands which has resulted in reduction in profit margins. consumers are switching to other cheaper forms of tobacco Its hotel industry has still not created a big share in the market size 4. Steep increase in cigarette taxes has adversely affected the revenue earned as the revenue is mainly earned from cigarettes Due to high price of cigarette. 3. 5.WEAKNESS 1.

it. hotels . 4. product development and marketing penetration. packaging & agricultural products 2.OPPORTUNITIES 1. Mint-o. shampoos and fragrances under their Wills brand Proper publicity of the hotels would increase its brand image & revenue. Big untapped market available for cigarettes . Per capita consumption of personal care products in India is the lowest in the world offering an opportunity for ITC's soaps. Core brands such as Aashirvaad. . Bingo! And Sun Feast (and others) can be developed using strategies of market development. 3. retail garment.

5.THREATS 1. 4. Agribusiness Competition from unbranded products Due to terrorist attacks the tourism industry has taken a back seat which would affect the hotel segment 3. FMCG. 2. Negative publicity for smoking could affect its cigarette segment Government is under huge pressure from public organizations for banning tobacco products which could affect it adversely High competition from established brands on all fields be it hotels. .

Touching your life.TOWS MATRIX Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities •Market expansion •Promotion •Awareness •Affordability •Emphasize on personal care Threats •Diversification •Strategic alliances with international players ITC. Everyday .

Everyday .Future SWOT of ITC Strength •Brand •More advanced distribution network(ERP.CRM •Increase in disposable income Weakness •Entry of other players •Health awareness Opportunity •Increasing retail market •Rural market •Increasing e-commerce Threat •Bargaining power of suppliers •Bargaining power of customers •Smuggling •Ban on smoking ITC. Touching your life.SCM) •Management:.

Touching your life.moderate bargaining power of customer Low substitutes due to strict laws High bargainng power of supplier Porters 5 forces High rivalry High threats of new entrants ITC. Everyday .

ITC. Everyday Source: Annual Accounts/Equity research . Hotels.Market share of ITC Ltd. Gaining market share • Nascent businesses of Packaged Foods & Confectionery. Paperboards. Touching your life. Packaging and Agri-Exports. Outstanding market leader • Cigarettes. Branded Apparel and Greeting Cards.

Everyday .FROM ANNUAL REPORT 2010 ITC. Touching your life.

Gross .60 1104.27 5453.Gross b) .45 4422.65 905.71 12955.27 20775.74 c) d) 916.71 3862.05 910.60 18153.Cigarettes .90 20924.Net .84 646.14 3862.19 1102.16 17283.12.Others .56 26259.26 2772.68 3633.31 811.96 264.95 891.43 845.Net Paperboards.94 667.03.82 654.09 Twelve Months ended 31. Paper & Packaging Gross .33 8627.Segment wise Gross and Net Sales from operations Quarter ended 31.2010 Segment Revenue a) Quarter ended 31.44 4599.74 1066.Gross .01 2671.80 7329.15 3641.67 2622.19 .Net Total .26 5253.57 3233.11 6100.03 9321.Net Less : Intersegment revenue .69 661.50 .51 247.75 890.28 3288.63 1066.16 905.25 281.01 5314.Net Gross sales / Income from operations Net sales / Income from operations 7965.79 28931.13 6340.12.49 6661.Gross .2010 FMCG .53 2398.67 877.Net 3874.Net - 5236.Gross .14 Total FMCG Gross Net Hotels Agri Business .Gross .81 850.73 303.61 3107.

36 d) 191.56 Total FMCG b) c) Hotels Agri Business Paperboards.12 (349.35 1579.14 2457.60 141.85 1144.Others 2960.Cigarettes * .Cigarettes .36 (142.31 4061.60) 1459.26 5925. Paper & Packaging d) 3711.51) 4588.87 (106.35 88.95 (73.42 1880.27 Total Segment Capital Employed ITC. Everyday 12375.19 1389.61 216.31 1954.64 436. Touching your life.32 .81 76.59 10. Paper & Packaging Total Less : i) ii) Interest (Net) Other un-allocable income net of unallocable expenditure 1532.78) 2031.80) 6015.84 (86.41 1605.29 104.02 556.35 4627.08 4938.79 1666.03) 1223.00 Profit Before Tax Tax Expense Profit After Tax Capital Employed a) FMCG .Segment wise Profit and Capital employed Segment Results a) FMCG .30) 1701.Others Total FMCG b) c) Hotels Agri Business Paperboards.08 201.96 (173.08 1309.17 684.45 22.87 53.27 642.

74 48.03.98 5453.05 4647.52 3095.Expenditure.25 NET INCOME (1+2) EXPENDITURE a) (Increase) / decrease in stock-in-trade and work in progress (58.2009 6868.11 290.27 222.45 (3) 5513.77 1002.20 277.24 5797.12.02 12687.86 Twelve Months ended 31.49 4599.96 998.90 5694.77 608.24 (49.92) 1555.2010 26862.30 229.19 OTHER OPERATING INCOME (2) 60.72) b) c) d) e) f) g) Total PROFIT FROM OPERATIONS BEFORE OTHER INCOME AND INTEREST (3-4) Consumption of raw materials Purchase of traded goods Employees cost Depreciation Other expenditure 1816.19 .09 1552.2010 GROSS INCOME NET SALES (1) 8218. Gross and Net Income and Profit from Operations Quarter ended 31.79 154.98 175.10 1159.55 (5) 1861.56 18153.34 168.85 187.87 1023.34 (4) 3652.71 4105.86 18382.12.56 Quarter ended 31.

50 5. Tax Expense and Earnings per Share OTHER INCOME PROFIT BEFORE INTEREST (5+6) INTEREST (Net) PROFIT AFTER INTEREST AND BEFORE TAX (7-8) TAX EXPENSE NET PROFIT AFTER TAX (910) PAID UP EQUITY SHARE CAPITAL (Ordinary shares of Re.02 374.) (14) 1.87 1701.36 6015.34 5.78 .85 1954.81 1.12 1711.33 6068.50 1.31 ITC.89 10.27 159.19 (11) 1389.96 2031.04 2054. Everyday 1.23 22.) Basic (Rs.08 1144.59 379.17 4061.17 EARNINGS PER SHARE (Rs.31 193.) Diluted (Rs.00 556.53 381.67 53. 1/each) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) 642. Touching your life.31 (12) 770.82 RESERVES EXCLUDING REVALUATION RESERVES (13) 13628. Net Interest.Other Income.

A.encumbered Nil Nil N. N.65 3780578142 99.A.Public Shareholding vs. N. Promoters and Promoter Group Shareholding PUBLIC SHAREHOLDING (15) - NUMBER OF SHARES PERCENTAGE OF SHAREHOLDING 7679054641 99. Touching your life.A. N.61 3803475806 99.61 PROMOTERS AND PROMOTER GROUP SHAREHOLDING (16) Nil a) b) Pledged / Encumbered Non . Everyday . ITC.A.A.A. N. N.

6 ITC.73 14064 Book Value per Share (Rs. Crores 26260 100475* 6015 4061 10.) Capital Employed ROCE % * Market Capitalisation as on 31/3/10 36.8 14957 40.Financial analysis Key Economic Indicators Gross Turnover Market Capitalisation Profit Before Tax Profit After Tax EPS .Rs (Equalised for 95-96) Net Worth 2009-10 Rs. Everyday . Touching your life.

Cigarettes .09.09. Everyday .2008 1.8% 19.0% 16.7% 34. Segment Revenue (Net) a) FMCG .H1 Segment Revenue Rs crs Half Year ended 30.7% ITC. Paper & Packaging Total Less : Inter-segment revenue Net sales / Income from operations Half Year ended 30. Touching your life.4% 26.8% 25.2007 Goly (%) 3552 1449 5001 467 2699 1306 9473 1810 7663 3211 1126 4337 412 2127 1038 7915 1351 6564 10.3% 13.6% 28.Others Total FMCG b) Hotels c) Agri Business d) Paperboards.7% 15.

Everyday Contribution % Revenue PBIT 77.2 20% share of greeting cards market.Segment Cigarettes Paper & Packg.3% 4.7% 5.4% 87.7% 10.0% 4. 1 in Asia 1of the largest xporters from India ITC Group ranks No.4% -7. 'Aashirvaad' atta is No.7% 3.3% 7.1 in branded segment ITC.5% Source: Equity research reports . Agri business Hotels FMCG (Others) Dominance 70% share Packaging board – No.0% 7. Touching your life.

Fast track. ITC. occupancy Cigarettes 10.9 % Hotels 22.7% Paper Agri business FMCGOthers 17.2 % 34. choupal sagar. Touching your life. decent share.2 % Capacity utilization. value added products E-choupal.3 % 60. Everyday Source: Equity research reports .CAGR during FY 2005-2008 Category CAGR Growth parameters Pricing power Inward traffic.

Benchmark the health of each business comprehensively across the criteria of Market Standing. Profitability and Internal Vitality. Paperboards & Packaging. Continue to focus on the chosen portfolio of FMCG.ITC’s corporate strategies • Create multiple drivers of growth by developing a portfolio of world class businesses that best matches organizational capability with opportunities in domestic and export markets. Agri Business and Information Technology. • • • • • • . Continuously strengthen and refine Corporate Governance processes and systems to catalyze the entrepreneurial energies of management by striking the golden balance between executive freedom and the need for effective control and accountability. Hotels. Ensure that each of its businesses is world class and internationally competitive. Paper. Enhance the competitive power of the portfolio through synergies derived by blending the diverse skills and capabilities residing in ITC’s various businesses. Create distributed leadership within the organization by nurturing talented and focused top management teams for each of the businesses.

a BAT affiliate. 13% of the total market share • Golden Tobacco Company (GTC) with 8% of the market share. a Philip Morris affiliate. Touching your life.  Domestic competitors • Kanhayya tobacco • MR tobacco • Sapna enterprises • Sudarshan tobacco ITC.13% of market share • Vazir Sultan Tobacco (VST).  ITC still attains a gigantic marketEveryday of 66% share .COMPETITOR ANALYSIS  The cigarette market in India has 3 players • Godfrey Phillips India (GPI).

and creates and nurtures a working environment where human rights are respected without prejudice. Everyday . race. ITC. gender. does not condone human rights abuses.HRM POLICY • ITC believes that all its employees must live with social and economic dignity and freedom. • ITC upholds international human rights standards. • ITC Unit has appropriate systems and checks to ensure compliance with the Policy and statutory provisions. including means for filing of grievances. economic status or religion. regardless of nationality. Touching your life. collective bargaining agreements and minutes from worker meetings. • The Corporate Human Resources function conducts nondiscrimination reviews annually on a sample basis with unit heads and through on-site assessments.

CONTD. in particular. Everyday .. These policy guidelines on HIV/AIDS are an endorsement of this commitment and. • ITC is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment to all its employees. Touching your life. No employee is made to work against his/her will or work as bonded/forced labour. • ITC does not employ any person below the age of eighteen years in the workplace. ITC. • All major changes in operations involving work processes. manning norms and other productivity linked issues are carried out after discussions with the employees and the recognized unions at each location. ITC prohibits the use of forced or compulsory labour at all its units. of the Company's commitment to specific programmes and actions in response to the HIV epidemic.

• Planning departments are key in critiquing strategies . • NEEDS FOR STRATEGY: 1) resources are finite 2) uncertainty about competitive strength and behavior 3)when commitment is irreversible ITC. • A distinction should be made between planning and forecasting . Touching your life. Everyday .setting objectives.OPERATIONS AND LOGISTICS • Operation management emphasis the current programs of an organizations and planning which essentially deals with the future and two intimately related activities. maintain control.crystallizing goals .

ITC. Touching your life. • The overall competitiveness of industry would increase by having proper operations and logistic managements. Everyday .Contd… • Logistic/supply chain management enabling technologies cover a wide spectrum of technology that facilitates smooth flow of goods and services and related information as well as integration of business processes.

hyderabad.rajamundry. ITC. Everyday .ISO14001.the company has assembled a pool of world class scientist focused on providing the requiste R&D support system. Touching your life.SA8000.OHSAS18001. • ITC R&D centre are at bengalure. this requires clear focus on continuously striving to create a higher value to customers by achieving excellence in all companies operations. • ITC development of its integrated quality management system (IOMS) is based on its strong foundation of implementing ISO9001:2000.Research and development • ITC is committed to delivering world class product and services.HACCP(for foods) and IQRS(Performance rating and benchmarking of the quality management system.bhadrachalam.

ITC. its collaboration with the central tobacco board research institute and tobacco board ITC pioneered FCV tobacco cultivation in India and introduced the burley and HDBRG varieties. Everyday .Contd… • ITC research and developed facilities Rajahmundry in AP cover all aspects of tobacco crop cultivation. Touching your life.

• IT is an enabler of the business process to ensure business growth through efficient management of operations in the value chain.Information system in ITC • IT plays a very critical role in driving the ITC business strategies. Everyday . • IT creates new business process or restructure the current business process to enhance customer service availability . Touching your life. efficient manufacturing / supply chain operations etc ITC.

•Precision analysis of products in Food Business. •Floor access control in hotels through key card system. ITC. •Impact of measures for reduction of energy consumption and consequent impact on the cost of production of goods. •Installation of PNG (Piped Natural Gas) fuelled generator sets and PNG fired calendar and tumbler drier machines in hotel laundries.Recommendation •Improved security for hotel guests. Everyday . Touching your life. • Improvements to reduce heat gain/cooling losses from building envelops in hotels. •Process optimisation for product development in Food Business. •Automation of lighting controls. •Use of Solar energy for hot water generation and outside area illumination.

. • ITC is also focusing on Retailers and Wholesalers to promote their brand.CONCLUSION • ITC promoting their brands through advertisement campaign as well as door to door promotion. exiting offers and long credit period to retailers and wholesalers. so they are applying new concept to overcome their weaknesses. Touching your life. • ITC knows their strength and weakness in the personal care market. • ITC now offering more margins. • The demand of their product in very low. because people don’t know about their brands very well. Everyday . ITC.

ITC. Everyday . Touching your life.

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0/47.425:847.9.. 98:398 402540082. % W %/4083490254./09447.-4:7 ..041090030.78390 475.3507843-0490.3898.0 %574-9890:8041147.

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5747. .94383708543809490 '05/02.3 8 .$.79.7 4190425.3/ 35.70..3/.07/.3 03/478020394198.2208 . % %4:.4229203994850.34:710 .42292039.1.:.

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