The failure of these monsoons leading to series of droughts.  Agriculture in India is often attributed as gambling with Monsoon because of its almost exclusive dependency on Monsoons. exploitation by Middlemen have been leading to series of suicides committed by farmers across India  . lack of better prices. India is an Agrarian country with around 60% of its people directly or indirectly depend upon Agriculture.

Official reports initially denied the farmer suicides but as more and more information came to light the government began to accept that farmers in India were under considerable stress . Farmers in India became the centre of considerable concern in the 1990s when the journalist P Sainath highlighted the large number of suicides among them.

between 1997 and 2009.000: Farmers reported to have committed suicide in the past 13 years in India  These figures were released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). 2.368: The number of farmers reported to have committed suicide in the year 2009.50. .500: The recorded farmer suicides 2.16.17.

 .28%  Health problems – 21 % Most of the suicides were because of combination of more than one factor.Reasons for Agrarian  Distress and Suicides  Indebtedness –93 %  Economic downfall – 74 %  Conflict in Family – 55 %  Crop failure – 41%  Dent in Social Status.36%  Daughter’s/Sister’s marriage – 34 %  Addiction.Study Findings.

leaves the families desolate and disrupts the social order.  .  The suicide of the breadwinner. whether young or old.There were many causes that led to the alarming increase in the farmer suicides at various parts of India.  Farmer suicides are a result of many economic and social causes.

In the event of a delayed or poor monsoon. . This pushes the farmer into debt. The farmers of the cotton belt were told that BT Seeds would provider higher yields than indigenous seeds They began borrowing from banks and moneylenders in order to pay for these seeds. the crop fails.     In the initial years when farmers distress came to attract public attention it was said that indebtedness through use of Bt Cotton were the main cause for farmers suicide BT Cotton is expensive and requires lots of water.

in the absence of any responsible counselling either from the government or society there were many farmers who did not know how to survive in the changing economy. the farmer was also caught in a Scissors Crisis.   India was transforming rapidly into a primarily urban. Such stresses pushed many into a corner where suicide became an option for them . the government and society had begun to be unconcerned about the condition of the countryside. industrial society with industry as its main source of income.

 .  A study from Punjab showed dramatic misuse of agricultural chemicals in farmer households in the absence of any guidance on how to correctly use these deadly chemicals and linked it to the rise in farm suicides wherever farm chemicals were in widespread use.Research has also pointed to a certain types of technological change as having played an instrumental role in the problem.

penniless widows left in the wake of suicides. The problem is complex and root causes include lopsided policies of the World Trade Organisation and developed nations' subsidies to their cotton farmers which make Vidarbha's cotton uncompetitive in world markets.  Consequently Vidarbha is plagued by high rates of school drop outs. loan sharks and exploitation of the vulnerable groups .

tariffs and subsidies for agriculture under the diktats of the World Bank.   . alone gave $190 billion to large companies growing cotton. wheat. The 2002 Farm Bill in the U. barley. This has pushed Indian farmers to compete with farmers in the United States and the European Union who are protected by trade restrictions and provided with billions of dollars as subsidy. rice. corn.S. oats and sorghum. The government has withdrawn market controls. This is done without providing proper infrastructure such as irrigation and marketing facilities. soybean.


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