introduction History Defination of wonder selection Criteria types of wonders New Seven Wonders:1:- The Great Wall of China

2:- The Ruins of Petra in Jordan 3:- The Statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro 4:5:6:7:8:Finalist Criticism The Inca ruins of Machu Piccchu in Peru The Mayan city of Chichenitaz Maxico The Colossem in Rome The Taj mahal mausoleum Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt

Listing Created by:- HERODOTUS (484 BC – 425 BC) CALLUMACHUs:- (305 BC – 240 BC)




Ancient Wonders

Date Of Construction 600 BC Date of Destruction After 1st Century BC

Date of Construction:- 3rd century BC Date of DESTRUCTION:- AD 1303-1480

Date of Construction:- 435 BC Date of DESTRUCTION:- 5th – 6th century AD

Date of Construction:- 351 BC Date of DESTRUCTION:- AD 1494

Date of Construction:- 2650 century BC Still Stading

Date of Construction:- 292 century BC Date of DESTRUCTION:- 224 BC

Date of Construction:- 550 century BC Date of DESTRUCTION:- 356 BC

Stonehenge Colosseum Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa Great Wall of China Porcelain Tower of Nanjing Hagia Sophia Leaning Tower of Pisa


Date Started

Date Finished


Channel Tunnel CN Tower

December 1, 1987 February 6, 1973

May 6, 1994 June 26, 1976 May 1, 1931 May 27, 1937

Strait of Dover, between England and France Toronto, Ontario, Canada New York, NY, USA Golden Gate Strait, north of San Francisco, California, USA Paraná River, between Brazil and Paraguay Netherlands, Europe Isthmus of Panama, Central America

Empire State Building January 22, 1930 Golden Gate Bridge January 5, 1933

Itaipu Dam Delta Works Panama Canal

January 1970 1950 January 1, 1880

May 5, 1984 May 10, 1997 January 7, 1914

Great Pyramids of Giza Great Wall of China Taj Mahal Machu Picchu Bali Angkor Wat Forbidden City

Bagan Temples & Pagodas Karnak Temple Teotihuacán

Natural travel wonders
Serengeti Migration Galápagos Islands Grand Canyon Iguazu Falls Amazon Rainforest Ngorongoro Crater Great Barrier Reef Victoria Falls Bora Bora Cappadocia

Grand Canyon Great Barrier Reef Harbor of Rio de Janeiro Mount Everest Polar Aurora Parícutin volc ano Victoria Falls

Palau Belize Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef Deep-Sea Vents Galápagos Islands Lake Baikal Northern Red Sea

Region: Asia Pacific Construction: 5th Century BC & 16th Century By Qin Shi Hung Di Length: 6400 km

Region: Arab States 9th BC to AD 40th


Capital:- Nabataean Kingdom of king Aretas Height:- 138feet tall Famous for stone structure Invented: Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812


Sculpted by Paul Landawki Construction from:- 1926 to 1931

MACCHU PICCHU(PERU) Region: Latin America Constructed: around 1450 Height: 7960 foot(Meter 2430) Found:- In 1911, Yale Historian $ Explorer Hiram Bingham.  



Region :Latin America

Constructed: 750 to 1200


Famous:Temple city of the Mayas Temple of kukulkan


Region: Italy, Europe Construction: AD 70 under emperor Vespasian




Constructed: 1632 to 1648
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Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan

Other Finalist
Wonder Acropolis of Athens Attributes Location Image Civilization, Democracy Athens, Greece


Dignity, Dialogue

Granada, Spain

Angkor Wat

Beauty, Sanctity

Angkor, Cambodia

Easter Island Moais

Mystery, Awe

Easter Island, Chile

Eiffel Tower

Challenge, Progress

Paris, France

Hagia Sophia

Faith, Respect

Istanbul, Turkey

Kiyomizu Temple

Clarity, Serenity

Kyoto, Japan

Kremlin, Red Square, and Saint Basil's Cathedral

Fortitude, Symbolism

Moscow, Russia

Neuschwanstein Castle

Fantasy, Imagination

Füssen, Germany

Statue of Liberty

Generosity, Hope

New York, United States


Intrigue, Endurance

Amesbury, United Kingdom

Sydney Opera House

Abstraction, Creativity

Sydney, Australia


Intellect, Mysticism



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