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By: Sadhana Gupta

To see the interest of people in investing in mutual fund To know the investment behavior of investors in mutual fund according to different age group To study the different types of mutual fund in reference to Equity mutual funds To study the different types portfolio analysis tool used in mutual fund industry

Time is a major constraint in developing this project report. Their return and NAV changes on regular basis All data show past performance but future cant be predicated

Used primary and secondary data for analysis Different links of Mutual fund houses Collection of data from AMFI website and other website Collection of information from employee of Mutual fund houses Preliminary analysis of data


SBI Franklin Magnum Flexi cap Return(in Emerging 000 cr.) business fund 1 year 2 Year 3Year 5Year 13.5 70.3 49.3 79.6 5.9 43.3 53.4 96.0

HDFC Reliance Birla Sun Premier Media Life By Multi cap Entertain fund India

6.3 58.2 64.4 101.1

10.8 6.2 36.2 63.3

0.6 53.6 54.1 84.0

FUND SBI Magnum Emerging business fund Franklin Flexi cap HDFC Premier Multi cap fund Reliance Media Entertain Birla sun life by india

NAV 41.44 31.41 28.81 26.55 40.04

Above mention data of past returns and latest NAV the funds from SBI brand are in top five funds Magnum Emerging Business Fund has performed very well in last one year which shows the funds ability to withstand ups and downs in the market. Hit by global recession, from one year perspective also fund from SBI are showing stable returns

A structured questionnaire was prepared Sample Size : 50 customers in jaipur Used primary data for analysis Tools : SPSS and MS Excel is used for data processing

What kind of investment you prefer

Are you aware of the mutual funds

Why you have not invested in mutual fund.

When you invest in mutual fund which mode of investment will you prefer

What do you find about SBI products

Because of higher risk customer do not invest More awareness of other investment avenues while 60% of people know about mutual fund Some strong steps are taken in creating an awareness of mutual funds Dont believe in taking professionals help People are prefer lump sum rather then SIP

To regulate entry and exit loads effectively as it creates a lot of confusion during actual settlement of costs and bills. To better operations management so as to reduce the time lag and improve customer feedback To improve market penetration by targeting not only metros but mini-metros and smaller towns more effectively. To come up with more innovative schemes and products so as to expand over the largest customer base as possible.