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Why is genre important?

Genre is important to producers because they market there films according to an audience that will enjoy the genre for example an action film will be targeted at a male audience and a romance to a female as this audience has already had pleasure in the this type of film. Film producers standardise production practices according to genre conventions therefore cutting costs Audiences also have expectations about the content and style of film according to its genre. This enables them to take particular pleasures in the film due to repetition and predicted resolution. The repetition of a successful formula is good because the audience will know to expect when they go to see the film. Actors can also contribute to the successful formula because if a man who likes action films sees a new action film with Sylvester Stallone he will be attracted to this because he has been in many successful action films. Hybrid Genres develop a genre by adding new elements from other genres to create a wider audience . Cowboys and aliens mixes together a western theme that will attract an older audience with such actors like Harrison Ford, but it also adds a sci fi genre that will add extra audience. 4/18/12 Rom -coms are also an example of a hybrid genre and this developed

Genre is conventional!
Conventional definitions of genres tend to be based on the notion that they constitute particular conventions of content (such as themes or settings) and/or form (including structure and style) which are shared by the texts which are regarded as belonging to them. Genre is the repetition and variation of familiar conventions but it is not just a simple means of labeling 4/18/12 or classifying films.

Hybrid Films Above are 3 examples of hybrid films. A hybrid film is a film which has a cross between two or more genres. .Cow Boys And Aliens western/ SciFi 4/18/12

Film Genres Changing Over Time

Film Genres have changed over time however, the change has not been dramatic. This can be seen through changes in narrative, audience and technology. A good example of a genre changing over time is Romance. The typical conventions of a romance are: love triangle leading to big conflict-


Examples Of Film Genre Changing Over Time

Above are 3 examples which show how the genre of romance has changed over time. Annie Hall Titanic PS I Love You