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General Abbrevation
Abbrevation of Months and Days Abbrevation of Academic Degrees Traditional and Post Office Departmen Two-Letter

Abbrevation of States

General Abbrevation
Common Sign and Abbrevation Common Sign In Pull Engaged Out Open Vacant Entrance Closed To let Exit Arrival For sale Way out Departure For hire Way up Ladies No smoking Push Gentlemen No parking
No waiting Caution Keep out Wet pain Litter By airmail Staff only

Common Sign No through road Restricted area No admittance Danger high voltage No trespassing Beware of the dog Bathing prohibited Beware of trains Do not touch Admission free Do not disturb Autorized personal only Do not feed the animal Taxi rank/stand Stick no bills Fire escape Do not lean out Fire extinguisher Keep off the grass Emergency exit Private road To staircase

Common Sign To elevator (us) Ground floor To lift (british) First floor To escalator Please forward

a.m. p.m. N.B. i.e. e.g.

Common Abbrevation Ante merediem Post merediem Nota Bene Idem est Exempli gratia

p.s. BA MA Ph.D AD BC Esq Jr Mp.H Rd Mt Sq

Common Abbrevation Post scriptum Bachelor of Art Master of Art Doctor of Philosophy Anno Domini Before christ Esquire Junior Miles per hour Road Mount square

blvd Gdns St. St. Rev. Yds. Ft. Lbs Oz Hp HE PR

Common Abbrevation Boulevard Garden Street Sint Reverend Yards Feet Pounds Ounce Horse power His Excellency Public Relation

General Abbrevation (look at the list)

Abbrevation of Monts and Days

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat sun

Abbrevation of Monts and Days Jan Aug Fer Sep Mar Oct Apr Nov May Dec June July

Abbrevation of Academic Degrees

Abbrevation of academic degrees A.B. / B.A. A.M./M.A. B.C. B.Ag. C.B. Ch.D. D.C. D.O. Ed.B. E.E. J.C.D. J.D. M.Si Bachelor of art Master of art Bachelor of Chemistry Bachelor of Agreeculture Bachelor of Surgery Doctor of Chemistry Doctor of Chiropractic Doctor of Osteopathy Bachelor of Education Electrical Engineer Doctor of Canon /civil Law Doctor of Law Master of Science L.B. LL.B M.B. M.Ed. Pd.B. Pd.D. Pd.M. S.B. Sc.M Th.D. V.M.D. Ph.D Bachelor of Letter Bachelor of Law Bachelor of Madicine Master of Education Bachelor of Pedagogy Doctor of Pedagogy Master or Pedagogy Bachelor of Science Master of Science Doctor of Theology Doctor of Veterinary Philosophy Doctor

Academic Abbrevation (look at the list)

Traditional and Post Office Departmen Two-Letter Abbrevation of States

State Alabama, State of California, State of Colorado, State of Connecticut, State of Florida, State of Georgia, State of Hawaii, State of Indiana, State of Kansas, State of Kentucky, Commonwealth of Missisippi, State of Texas, State of Washington, State of Traditional Abbrevation Ala. Calif. Colo. Conn. Fla. Ga. Hawai Ind. Kans. Ky. Miss. Tex. Wash. AL CA CO CT FL GA HI IN KS KY MS TX WA Postal Abbrevation

Complately (look at the list)

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