. • Educational background.What is a CURRICULUM VITAE • A written description of • Work experience. • Skills and Expertise.

• The First 5 second are the MOST IMPORTANT. • Gives a reason to the reader to go through your C. .V.Cover Letter • Is a pre CV approval.

• Be brief and to the point.I. • Do not be a extravagant .Things to know. • Make no mistake about it. .S. principle. • K.S.

• Summary of your life (CV). Resume? • Content. .Curriculum Vitae vs. • Conciseness.

.c.Sections of Curriculum Vitae Name/Contact Info Career Objective Work Experience Education Skills Technical/ Non Technical Achievements Languages Hobbies and Interests IF N/A Then Internships or Market Projects e.t.

concise statement that informs the employer what kind of position you are looking for. contractor) should be included as well.CV Objective • The CV Objective. the role (managerial. sometimes also referred to as CV Personal Profile states "What is the next step in my career?" This should be a short. The type of position. . supervisor.

evaluation scores) • Work History • Academic Positions • Research and Training .Professional Experience (In reverse chronological order) • Company name and period when you were/ are employed • your job title • your key tasks/ responsibilities • main achievements (% increase of sales. finished projects.

especially those that are related to the job vacancy. Include all of your education including certifications from non-academic institutions.Education on your CV • List all of your qualifications in this section. put your work experience before your qualifications . If you have more work experience than qualifications.

special study projects) • Include dates. majors. training and certification . and details of degrees. name of specific bachelor or master main achievements (red diploma.Education on your CV • Name of university.

Languages • English & • Foreign languages (indicate the level) .

• Research Skills • knowledge . • Communication Skill • Writing Skills. .Professional Qualifications • Certifications and Accreditation • Computer Skills ( indicate the level ) • Presentation Skills.

Hobbies / Interests / Activities • What do you like to do in your free time? • What is your favorite past time? • Kinds of social activities .

References • Names of the referees • First person • Second person .

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