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Tiny Love distributor event 9/2006

Uri Baruchin

Getting through
Communication, Network Communities & Marketing
This - claimer
This presentation was given as part of Tinylove’s distributor event in Koln (Cologne), Germany,
September 2006. It was not modified for the web or my blog. Only the annotations were made
more elaborate so people can understand more or less how it went and what it tries to say. They
are not the exact script. There isn’t one.
As the audience was largely not very internet savvy, some parts may seem obvious or too
“educational” to some of you out there. If they are, I’m sorry, this was to help the audience follow
the ideas.
Also, note that this is a “fun” presentation as the distributor event is largely an evening
“recreational” event. To avoid being “the heavy bit”, I did my best to make this presentation light
and engaging.

Tinylove, are a client of mine who create meticulously designed developmental toys for babies.
Their main target audience is parents, specifically “Generation-X parents”. The focus of my work
with them was how to better reach this audience through the web. It covered their site, SEO/M,
community marketing and more. The implementation of those recommendations is currently still a
work in progress and is, obviously, much wider and deeper then the aspects mentioned in this

If this presentation is absolutely useless to you, maybe it be can useful to someone you know.
Or – at least you may enjoy the work of the talented flickr photographers used to make it.

Anyway – enjoy the show.

Uri Baruchin

CC (textual content only) – some rights reserved.
It’s an increasingly complex world
Too much information!
Broadcast is a state of mind
One size fits no one
Prime time is dead
We’re not “elusive”
We’re annoyed.
Where is everybody?
They don’t care
Time to wash the Kool-Aid down the drain
Incredible cognitive powers
We are extremely sensitive to change
Some things tend to stick in our minds

(My nemesis is
dead. Now
Which is why word of mouth is so effective
And since on the Web no one knows you’re a cat…
Critical Mass
Most successful virals are not commercial
Most successful commercial virals not created as such
Even the brightest virals face fierce competition
Most virals are accidental
Plentiful, cheap, but of low nutritional value
Virals work the other way around too.
What if communities spread good news?
They do
Have your cake and eat it
What’s more community oriented then a family?

• Find your community

• Become a contributing member
• Create an open, honest dialogue
• Help them celebrate
• Remember – the love you take is equal to
the love you make

Uri Baruchin
Flickr photo credits (CC) – by order
(links on slides)
Carlosluis Mario Milano ©
Felix Haas © Duane Romanell
Carlosluis Kevin Steele
Pier Gustavo G
Hinke Dailysnap
Niznoz Michelle Thompson
S Limbert Piero Sierra
Hugh Mcleod John A-P
Robert Terrell Harpersbizarre / A V
Barbara Sam Javanrouh
Avi Paz P.B. Rage
Max Shirley Noctunal Ambience
Frederic Alyson Hurt
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Tom Swift, Gui Carvalho

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