Chapter 4 Smell & Taste

Was I born to love pizza?

What is the bigger question here? Nature versus Nurture

Why do we study smell and taste together? SENSORY INTERACTION: the principle that one sense may influence another.

Was I born to love pizza?

Lets take a look at the Nature perspective first.

How do we taste?
Taste (and smell) are chemical senses.

What is the central muscle involved in taste?

• Those bumps on our tongue are called Papillae. • Papillae help grip food while your teeth are chewing. They also have another special job - they contain your taste buds

PTC Strips

But what about smell?
Can our sense of smell be biologically based?

Gender related odors
Can you smell the difference?

So can we smell the difference?

Well….yes and no.

Chemical messengers that are picked up through our sense of smell. Founded in the early 1930’s by studying silkworms. Jury is still out on whether they exist in humans. Best evidence we have comes out of the university of Chicago.

Does nurture play a role?