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       Meaning of Contract and Contract Services. Contract Specifications. Contract Providers and Hiring Contract Providers. Types of Contract Services in Housekeeping. . Areas of housekeeping which comes under contract services. Advantages and Disadvantages of Contract Services. Pricing of Contract.

. the hotel pays certain amount of money.Contract services are those services which the hotel takes from a contract provider and in lieu of that.

Etc. Cleaning of Walls and Ceilings. equipments. Carpet Cleaning. selected cleaning like Public Area cleaning in Night. with all the work and responsibility undertaken by the service provider. 3yrs.• • • • • • Complete Cleaning Programmes. Etc. Regular. Entire Housekeeping Operations contract. Hiring Contract with various rental firms for linen. and furnishing. Leasing Contract for equipment. etc. Like. Periodic Services like Window Cleaning. furniture. 7yrs. . which are drawn up for a given number of years. 5yrs.

Laundry Flower Arrangement and Decorations.entire hotel linen or specialized linen like banqueting items.         Cleaning. Equipment and Furniture Hire. Other services like shoe-polishing machines. Polishing of Surfaces. Pest Control. Deep cleaning. . etc. Eco-friendly garbage disposal. Linen Hire. guest amenities such as hangers.Public Area Cleaning. Horticulture and Landscaping.

4. and any special projects.Contract Providers are those person who gives the contract services for various operations in the hotel and in lieu of it. the hotel pays them a certain amount of money. For Hiring Contract Providers. 6. areas to work. time-table. Check out their existing market credibility. of working hours. frequency of service. 3. 2. 5. Check on the work efficiency and performance of contractors by visiting to their job sites. Prepare detailed contract specifications. indicating the exact no. . Check whether the contractor is registered and Licensed under The Contract Labour Act 1970 of the Government of India.Put out tenders to at least three contractors and compare quotes.Check references thoroughly and visit other job sites of the contractors. the Hotel :1.

the terms and conditions of payment. 2. . machines and equipments to be used. 6. 7. A description of the cleaning methods. 4. The time expectations for the job. lockers etc. A list of security requirements. 5. 1. covering sickness and annual leaves. 3. guests. A verification of the insurance coverage for workers. and a termination procedure. This includes :Period or Duration of Contract and the task to be performed. Provision for storage areas . hotel employees and assets. The remuneration for the job.

Unit Rate Agreement :. Cost Plus Fixed Fee :. 2. as he has a guaranteed profit margin.The contractor measures the area and calculates the cost. . there is no point in the contractor’s cutting cost. In this case .The contractor is paid for the cost of the job and given a fixed fee. 1. The pricing of contract is done of following basis :A unit Rate Agreement A cost for the job plus a fixed fee.

 1. 3. 2. . More skilled labourers. 4. and supervising staff is passed on to the service provider. ADVANTAGES :Reduces the cost of buying new equipments for the hotel. Contract services can be terminated faster as compared to permanent employees of the hotel. training. organizing. Accurate budgeting can be done for a fixed period. The difficulty of finding. 5. well trained in their area of expertise.

3. 4. . Contract cleaners may not meet the hotel’s standards of quality. 2. 5. More chances of Theft of guest valuables and other items from hotel by the contracted employees. Workers may not show up within the designated time frame. Sometimes poor supervision and not proper work. Contracting weakens the authority of the management over the quality and loyalty of the staff.1.