Layer 2 & Layer 3 Switches

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What is Switch Layer 2 Switch Layer 3 Switch Configuration of both Switches Combination of Layer 2 & Layer 3 Switches Port Trunking Spanning Tree Protocol Scalability Management References

What is Switch…..

A switch is a device that forwards data in packets only to the appropriate port for the intended recipient, based on information in each packet’s header. To insulate the transmission from the other ports,

the switch establishes a temporary connection between the source and destination, then terminates the connection when the conversation is done.

Layer 2 Switch…..

Layer 2 means the Data Link Layer of OSI network model. A network device that forwards traffic based on MAC layer (Ethernet or Token Ring) addresses.

MAC (Media Access Control)

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Cut Through Layer 2 Switches Store-and-Forward Layer 2 Switches

Layer 3 Switch…..

Layer 3 refers to the Network layer of OSI network model. Switches used in this layer are also called as Routing Switch. 'Routing Switch' is a device that combines

Functions of a Switch

which forwards data by looking at a physical device address . which forwards packets by locating a next hop address.

Function of Router

Configuration of Switches…..

Hardware Installation Preparing to configure the switch Accessing the switch

Combination of Layer 2 & Layer 3 Switches…..

Port Trunking…...

Port Trunking is a computer networking term which describes using multiple Ethernet network cables/ports in parallel to increase the link speed beyond the limits of any one single cable or port. It also called as Link Aggregation. It minimizes the number of physical signal paths, and thus the total amount of cable hardware, required to serve a given number of subscribers in a network.

Spanning Tree……

The Spanning Tree Algorithm calculates the best path and prevents multiple paths between network segments. To provide path redundancy, STP defines a tree that spans all switches in an extended network.

Spanning Tree……

Providing Scalability……

Scalability means

A measure of how well a switch is able to maintain the service to meet increasing performance demands & vice-versa. A switch can be capable of providing flexibility to the network.

Management of Switch… …

Management of the switches can be done by

Using management interfaces which need IP address to configure it. These interfaces are made to manage the switch from the embedded softwares in the switch. Speed and mode are managed by the interfaces.

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